My strategy and win without neutral monsters

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I am fine by the grace of Allah. Hope you are all staying at home in this pandemic time.

I had told that i will upload 2 splinterlands blog per week. But not able to do so for some work. But trying to upload at least 1 blog every week. This is an another post of my splinterlands.


Some strategy how one player can do good in splinterlands

  • Firstly you need to know about all the abilities,what cards give what,what cards takes what. If you can memorize this at first then you can win easily. That's the strategy i follow.

  • Secondly you have to know about the rules. This is the main thing to win any match in ranked or tournament.

  • Some people thinks that with level 1 cards,one cannot win tournament or do well in rank match,but they are wrong. You need to practice a lot.

  • Cards abilities are an important thing. If you have all cards off different abilities,then you can beat a level 3 id with level 1 cards too. Again if you combine your cards this can help you to win easily.

  • Then you have to watch the full match,if you don't watch the full match you will not be able to know your mistakes.Again you have to watch top games sometimes.This may can help you.


This are the things you can follow. About 20 days before splinterlands was more easy. In that time anyone can go in champion 1 league with level 4/5 cards. But this has stopped. That's a good update. Now one cannot go in upper rank if he or she don't have enough cards. For cards you get powers. Some selected power needs for going in champion 3. I have currently 194,345 power. So i won't be able to go up more than gold 2. You can see this picture and can understand about this more nicely.

An another important things i want to share today. Splinterlands is giving less rewards nowadays.People don't play much for that reason. Again luck don't favour all. I haven't shared my season end rewards this time. That's why i am going to share that now. I had got 50 cards this season end. Now i am sharing that too. You can see this and understand what i have got easily.


Another thing you can do is you can check your luck to earn more on splinterlands by buying packs and opening them.

Now the last part of this splinterlands blog. My splinterlands strategy,how i win 3 match out of 4 match by using no Yesterday i had quest "win 3 battles without neutral monsters". It is difficult to complete quest with neutral monsters. But it was easy for me. Now i am sharing snapshot of those teams i had used.

Game 1


I have win in this game as @cyclopsismytwin

Game 2


I have win in this too as @cyclopsismytwin

Game 3

Unfortunately i had lost in this match as @cyclopsismytwin

Game 4


Finally i win my 3rd match as @cyclopsismytwin in without neutral monsters rules.

I had played 10-11 matches in that time,but without neutral monsters, i had played only played 4 and i had win 3 out of 4.

Anyone can understand about this cards by watching my snapshots. I have focused on rules at first. Then for different rules i have used different cards. Again without neutral monsters. After completing that quest i has got quest rewards. But that was not so good. Though i am playing splinterlands daily. I hope my luck will favour me.

It was for now. Hope you all will read my blog and if there any mistake don't hesitate to inform me.

If you want to join sprinterlands,here is the link

For any kinds of query dm or comments here.

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Neutral cards are very important, imagine play a lot of Battles without them, crazy.