Serpent of the flame is known for it's retaliate ability

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Hello guys,
How are you all? I am fine. I am writing a splinterlands blog again. I want to upload at least one blog every week. But i am successful now. I am able to upload 2 blogs every week. Though i was not getting idea how can i make my splinterlands blog more beautiful.Hope this will be a quality full one. If not please don't hesitate to tell me. I will try to change. So,let me start.

Today i am going to participate in weekly battle challenge. This is the second time i am participating in weekly battle challenge. I was unaware of this and also i had lack knowledge about weekly challenge. I had thought i have to give YouTube video link and etc. As I don't have any Personal Computer,so i had always Skipped this. But last week, i find this thing clear to me. That's why i am now sharing my weekly battle challenge entry.

This week the theme is Serpent of the flame.

  • Edition: ALPHA/BETA
  • Rarity: EPIC
  • Element: FIRE
  • ABILITIES: Retaliate at level 1;
  • Poison at level 3; Piercing at level 5

As this is a beta epic card, that's why it's price is little high. This is a card of the first time of splinterlands. It has alpha and beta version. That's why, not all splinterlands player have this card. ABut this has good ability Which is retaliate ability in level 1. But this card take 6 mana.which is high. But before sharing my battle challenge i want to share some strategy how one can do good in splinterlands. This is updating everyday,so one have to update his knowledge too.

Some strategy how one player can do good in splinterlands

  • Firstly you need to know about all the abilities,what cards give what,what cards takes what. If you can memorize this at first then you can win easily. That's the strategy i follow.

  • Secondly you have to know about the rules. This is the main thing to win any match in ranked or tournament.

  • Some people thinks that with level 1 cards,one cannot win tournament or do well in rank match,but they are wrong. You need to practice a lot.

  • Cards abilities are an important thing. If you have all cards off different abilities,then you can beat a level 3 id with level 1 cards too. Again if you combine your cards this can help you to win easily.

  • Then you have to watch the full match,if you don't watch the full match you will not be able to know your mistakes.Again you have to watch top games sometimes.This may can help you.

Now i am sharing my battle challenge entry. What cards i had used in which place and why. This is the battle snap shot.

Battle Link

In this battle you can see my username @minhaz416. Which is an alt account of mine. I had this serpent of the flame card in this account, because this was an old account. I used to play splinterlands with that account at first. keep that aside,let me start. At first by watching the rules,mana and splinters, i had made my mind to use

Serpent of the flame
in this battle. Because i had a quest running with fire splinter. As this is a fire splinter card , that's why i had used my cards in that way.

The rules was:

Standard: No moderation to the standard gameplay rules and mechanics.

Mana cap: 14


As you can see,this was a standard rule. Again only 14 mana cap for this battle. Though all splinter was available for this battle. So,a perfect team for less mana and standard rules is using fire splinter with serpent of the flame. As i had a target to use fire splinter with serpent of the flame. So,i use


Malric is a unique curiosity in the already diverse Burning Lands. He is a spectre of fire with powerful attacks of his own, but he is also extraordinarily brilliant. Malric has graduated from every Ferexia school, including the prestigious Summun Infuria. He is especially skilled in boosting the attack power of his monsters.

I had used this card, because this is a summoner of fire. As i have a target of using serpent of the flame. That's why no choose than using fire splinter. This summoner give 1 extra melee attack to its cards,which have melee attack ability. It costs 3 mana. It will help the serpent of the flame a lot. That's why i had used this.

As this battle had a very less mana cap of 14,so then i use

in the first position.

Deep in a labyrinth of hot tunnels of stone, beneath the boiling caldera of Molten Mountain, the Serpent of the Flame waits comfortably. He seldom comes to the surface of the Burning Lands, but enjoys being summoned to battle more than anything. All who attack the Serpent get burned.

I had used this because of it's retaliate ability. Also i had a target of using this , because my quest with fire was running. So i will use fire cards at any cost,if i loose or win. Also this has a good heart,but it cost 6 mana,which is high. But it will attack at first because of its time power. This is a good card for retaliate ability. If the opponent hit with melee,this card has a Chance of giving that hit back. This is called retaliate ability. Again this card increase its power in more level. This is an epic card,so no doubt it has a good power . That's why this is Serpent of the flame.

Then i had used KOBOLD MINER

The Kobolds of the Burning Lands are skilled at seeking and extracting precious stones from the innards of the planet. Their favourite tools are torches and hammers. Thanks to the extreme pride they take in their mining work, they happily accept their situation of servitude to the Torch

I had used this card , because this game has a low mana,so i had make it in my mind to beat the opponent with sneak power. That's why i used this. Again this cost only 2 mana , along with 1 melee, so the summoner will make it to 2 melee attack.

Then i had used ELVEN CUTTHROAT

Elves can be found living in many of the forests of the Splinterlands. They live in the trees, but come down often to collect resources from the forest floor. Though the elves are small and beautiful, they always have a seemingly endless supply of concealed knives, with which they are deadly accurate.

I use this for the same reason and that it sneak power. It will hit the opponent with 2 melee,not only the opponent but also the last card. Again this cost only 3 mana. Which is a helpful card in low mana game.

Then lastly i used FURIOUS CHICKEN

The chickens of the Splinterlands have had enough. For too long they have been kept in cages and pens. For too many generations their eggs have been made into omelettes, their breasts and thighs into nuggets, and their most pristine feathers into rather tacky jewelry. Under the brave leadership of a great hero known only as The Alpha Chicken, all chicken-kind is finally rising up against their oppressors. This uprising, all across the Splinterlands, is known as the Cluckening.

As my 14 mana had finished,but i had 2 empty places left yet,so i thought of using this place with a 0 mana card. This can help from 3 abilities cards, that's are sneak,snipe and flying cards. Because this cards target card like furious chicken. This is an useful card. If you know how to use this.

I had tried my best to make you all understand my strategy and gameplay. I hope you all will understand this. Then this was the result of the battle.

I had won this 14 mana game . Serpent of the flame had helped me a lot to win this battle. As this is a expensive card,so all need to understand how to use this card. After winning i had got 1.138 dec and 72 ratings. You all can use this serpent of the flame card in your game to win easily. Also you can play with this strategy.

It was for now. Hope you all will read my blog and if there any mistake don't hesitate to inform me.

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