Use magic ability monsters in Back to Basics rule

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Hello guys,
How are you all? I am fine. I am writing a splinterlands blog again. As i had told that i will try to upload 2 blogs per week. That's why i am trying to do this. But like all time, i was not getting idea how can i make my splinterlands blog more beautiful. That's why today i watch about 10 splinterlands blogs and took knowledge what to post. Hope this will be a quality full one. If not please don't hesitate to tell me. I will try to change. So,let me start.


Today i am going to write about how you can win in "Back to basics" rules. And will discuss about my strategy and plan.


Game Link

In this battle

The rules were👇👇:

Back to Basics : Monsters lose all abilities.

Taking sides: Neutral Monsters may not be used in battles.

Mana cap: 50


👉My thought about this battle👈

In this battle there were 50 mana,which is a huge mana cap. And the main thing the rules. In this battle one rule was neutral monsters can not use. But the 2nd rule is important. It was monsters do not have any abilities. So,in this battle using mele attacks in 2 or other positions are useless for this battle. Again snipe and sneak abilities are also useless. So,only magic attacks are the best combination for this battle. Magic can attack from any position. Again it don't care about the shield,as it attack the heart. In water splinter there are a lot magic attack cards and the summoner also give 1 extra magic. And water splinter was available for this battle,so using water splinter is the best combination for this battle. That's why i used a water combination team in this battle to win.

So,at first i select


Alric Stormbringer.png

The oldest ΛZMΛRÉan Summoner, Alric Stormbringer, founded the modern arts of Chaos Magic. He has many pupils from around the Splinterlands. Alric’s gift is not so much bringing the storm, but channeling it. He has lived for hundreds of years, and some stories claim he was alive before the Splintering.

As this was the summoner of water splinter and also add 1 magic ability that's why i used this first.

As this battle had a huge mana cap of 50,so then i use


This massive frozen bull is one of the Frost Giant’s only friends left in the world. He has lived for hundreds of years and is growing tired, but Torhillo still charges at everything he faces with vigor.

This is an epic reward card. As this card has a good health along with a good sheild. So it doesn't matter if the summoner give any more shield or not. Again,only with magic power this can be dead.

Then I use


Every water-breather in ΛZMΛRÉ knows that Gorgons live in their waters. A simple trip to the ocean floor reveals the statues of the unfortunate Merfolk who crossed the path of a Gorgon. Medusa is the only Gorgon to reveal herself to others without turning them to stone. At least they have a choice.

Meduca have magic ability, again the summoner add 1 magic ability,so i used this.

Then I use


The Captain of a great pirate ship perished in a battle against Old Frank, one of the most ruthless Sea Monsters of the Splinterlands as his ship was dragged under. While he died, the burning desire for the treasure the Captain was seeking ripped his soul from his body. The Captain simply could not cope with the fact that he would never behold the treasure, so he defied reality and life itself. As his lifeless body sank with the ship, the Ghost of the Captain sprang for the surface and began to wander the Splinterlands, lost and seeking a hopeless treasure that he would never find. After nearly a hundred years of wandering, the Captain has finally chosen to appear in battle at Mount Mox. The mere sight of his ghostly presence is enough for many opponents to collapse in fear.

I had used this because it had already 2 magic ,then 1 for summoner so 3 magic. Also it has a good protection

Then again another magic ability card and that is


The Sea Genie simply waits quietly in his dark, deep lair at the foot of Maka Peak. He is the only resident of the Cave of Mysteries, a powerhouse of magical force. The Genie was first summoned hundreds of years ago, and now he is prisoner to the ΛZMΛRÉ summoners, doing only their bidding and little else.

I had used this card same reason and that is magic ability with good heart

Then i used


The Ruler of the Seas may be as old as the seas. He is also known as the Ocean Oracle, and is said to have knowledge greater than time and space. Getting him to answer a question, however, may be one of the most difficult quests in all the Splinterlands.

This is a legendary card. Again this has magic ability. This card is a powerful one. That's why i used it in the 5th position

Then lastly i used

He more skilled summoners of ΛZMΛRÉ can summon water in its Elemental form. After the Water Elemental completes its summoned duty, it simply goes free. Most of them recede into the deeper reaches of the Dark Water, joining the Elemental Hordes of the Deep.

And lastly i used this , because there were not available any more magic ability. Again i had a lot mana left. So i thought of using a card which will attack good. That's why i use this. This can hit with 2 power.

And finally the result of this battle was this.

I got 5+ dec. And i got 44+ ratings, Which is awesome.

Another thing i want to share and that is my season end rewards. I hadn't share it. I try to share my everything in this blockchain. Why not this. I had got this ,in this season.


A good season this time. A good amount of dec with a common gold.

I had tried my best to make you all understand my strategy and gameplay. I hope you all will understand this. I had tried to share a lot information how can you do good,if you understand and follow this properly,then you can do good in battle.

It was for now. Hope you all will read my blog and if there any mistake don't hesitate to inform me.

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Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Well said.
You don't need to add lore of every monsters as we try to influence to write own opinion about monsters.
And you could show and talk about the battle.
Hope you understand.