Battle Share with Silvershield Assassin - Powerful Fighter in Life Monster

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Hello and Namaste Friends,

I hope you are having a good time with your family and friends and also staying safe at the place wherever you are. This is my splinterlands battle share post for this week. I am slightly late this time and hopefully next time I will share it well on time. I shared my tips and strategies I followed to win the battle. I did some battling this morning in this new season. I have started playing again and increasing my rating slowly.


This week's theme card is SILVERSHIELD SHERIFF from life Splinter but since I don't have this card so I share my battle with Silvershield Assassin and this card is also from Life Splinters. Looking at its value I found this is much undervalued and it's one of my favorite cards in life splinters. I have a level 1 card but still, it does a nice job in the battle.


Now Let's also have a look at the statistics for this card. We need to go through it to know more about the card and figure out the capabilities of any card. It's a very important part to know about any card. Without going through stats it's difficult to conclude whether the card is good or not.
Silvershield Assassin is a common card from the Life monster in the reward print edition. This card is available from levels 1 to 8 and it also has abilities of Sneak, Double Strike, and Poison. I like the cards having any ability from level 1 because there are many cards with no abilities at all while this card has two abilities at level 1.



Cards Line-up and for the Battle

I got 28 mana for this battle and it's good I had the mana to pick nice cards. I picked up 5 cards and 3 are pretty good that I found the best. I picked these cards to win the battle and my selected cards played so well.

  • Silvershield Paladin
  • Kralus
  • Silvershield Assassin
  • Creeping Ooze
  • Furious Chicken

Silvershield Paladin

Silvershield Paladin is a wonderful card in the life team and it gets reduced attack that's why winning battle becomes easy. Every time I play with this card then put in front because this way it makes the battle stay longer.


This card I had got recently while opening the DICE pack and I have also played few battles with this one. Most of the battles I have won with this battle and like its attack power.


Silvershield Assassin

Silvershield Assassin attacks two times in one shot and that is what makes this card very much useful. It's one of my favourite cards in life splinter team and it costs 7 mana to be in the battle team.


Creeping Ooze

This card is the kind of one that keeps space occupied and can save the monster from one attack. I use this card for the same purpose.


Furious Chicken

I kept Furious chicken in the last place as it's a kind of bonus card that I have got zero mana and since my mana is less so every card matters. My strategy to keep it, at last, worked well.


Battle Details-

This is the direct link to my battle which will take you to my battle-








Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

Whatever strategy I planned for this battle went pretty well and I won this battle. I will try more ways to play with it in future battles depending upon mana and theme for the same.

Do you use the Silvershield Assassin often? Why or why not?

Silvershield Assassin is a good card in the life monster that is surely worth keeping into account because it has nice abilities. I try to play some battles so with the life team and use this card many times. I have played so many battles with this card and I like its attack performance. I will surely use this card in my future battles.

This is the official battle challenge post for Splinterlands Weekly Battle Share Challenge. If you like the challenge and want to make a post then you can also participate and share with more people about it.

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Have a great time and Battle is ON! in the game and even on the COVID time
Namaste from India 🇮🇳

(Photos and gif is taken from splinterlands and not my property)

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Nice battle. Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks for sharing! - @yonilkar

This is definitely one of my favorite life splinter card, it is so powerful and that knife 🔪 makes her danger and beautiful.