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Hello Splinterlands fans....

Good to be back again! Another season has ended and I suppose, the players probably got what they were thinking or some have not, like me. Will make a separate blog tomorrow about that. While today let me share a blog with all of you about this week's splinterlands weekly challenge contest. This week we had NECTAR QUEEN as the focus and we were to share a battle with Bee (that's what many of us renamed it jk). If you are willing to be a part of this challenge check the post out here SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge! Win Upvotes!


Battle link

It is actually exciting when you get a challenging rule but big mana rule in a battle. While as for today's battle I got the rule of Earthquake & Lost Magic. Which means due to earthquake rule Non-flying monsters will take +2 melee damage at the end of each round and due to Lost magic I will not be able to use magic monsters. That sums up the equation. I needed to use Melee at first position or even second and also needed to go with ranged attack monsters for the game play.

Let me share why I pull this line up and how things really worked out?

Since I will not be prioritizing Melee monsters that much so using dragon summoners would not come in handy (I have Daria dragonscale & Delwin dragonscale). So I went with Earth Summoner Lyanna with additional +1 health did come in handy.

Nectar Queen.png

Now, the queen came in first position to handle all the stress and attacks from the opponent. With its +4 melee attack (which then reduced to +3) it was able to do its work very precisely. not to mention it's flying ability it was also immune to earthquake. In addition to that the healing ability from SPIRIT OF THE FOREST it worked as a beast.

In next position was the `SCREECHING VULTURE`. While If I am being honest I like this card quite a lot. That is because of its opportunity and flying ability it comes in handy in different situation and above all it suits perfect for this kind of battle.

Since I wanted to go with full ranged attack so this the best option to pick up and making it in third position secured its position as well. And as for earthquake rule it can run upto 3 rounds for the time being. That would help me a lot and it sure had as you watch the battle.

Since the beginning of this game Earth elemental have been one of my favorite card. I use it quite often. With its +2 ranged attack and healing ability, a perfect position to use it from both sides. Since the rest two monsters after it has some additional benefits it sure worked like a charm in this place.

One of the best leg card that is out there in the game is `CORNEALUS` Whenever I have high mana games I try to use this awesome leg cards as much as possible. +12 health and with +2 ranged attack this was more than enough to handle some tough monsters from it's position. If you can see the battle it was quite an effective card which played a major role in the battle of mine.

Spirit of the Forest has been one of those cards which I always wanted in my deck. But due to lack of money issue, I do not have it in my deck. But so what we can always rent it for our use. I have a rented SOTF in my deck and thanks to that I was able to make a lot of difference in few of the matches. I must say this battle was almost helpful to win thanks to Spirit of the Forest. Because of it's healing ability it helped Nector Queen and it led to victory. Worthy card to have in earth deck.

While it was a combination effort of all cards from this game, which lead to victory and here I am creating a blog from this victory.

  • If I was asked , if my strategy worked or not?

Than it's an obvious answer that it did. While next time I would try sth different with magic monsters probably but at the end it all depends on the rule of the match.

  • Do I use the NECTAR QUEEN often? Why or why not?

Yes, I do use it often and like I said it depends on rule sets and if I am being honest earlier before Nector Queen only Flesh Golem was my go to man in earth deck but as of now I do use them both in different situations.

That sums up today's post and I will see you soon in the next blog or probably in the next battle with you in Splinterlands.

All the images related to Splinterlands used in this post are taken from and from @splinterlands account.

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