Splinterlands Art Contest! // Week 101

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Hello everyone,

Hope you all are well ...

I started my post today by thanking everyone.

This is my new participate in The Splinterlands Art Weekly Contest

Week 101


Today Art Concept: Fire Beetle

Fire Beetle final.jpg

Fire Beetle
In the hottest and darkest depths of Molten Mountain, enchanted burrowing beetles were transformed into monstrosities of fire. The gigantic Fire Beetles emerged from the lava lake known as Mittreya’s Hand, finding the Burning Lands quite habitable and wreaking havoc on the city of Azad.


so let's go to...

How to Draw a Fire Beetle

Step by Step I will show how I was made in my hand and Illustrator ( only Fire Effect)

The drawing was made in hand Illustrator ( only Fire Effect)

step 01

First, I made thus an outline of the Fire Beetle. The outline is Inspiration of the image to draw, that madness called creativity and art power...


next sing.jpg

step 02.

Then I colored some parts of the Fire Beetle make head, Five leg and eyes, teeth


next sing.jpg

step 03

continue to make more Fire Beetle body part


next sing.jpg

step 04

I am drawing Fire Beetle in many colors and also making Fire Beetle bodies


next sing.jpg

Final step.


In this step, I was complete the Fire Beetle body full part and I tried to shape it to some horror color

Fire Beetle final.jpg

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Good Luck to all of you

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Thank you to everyone.

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