New Legendary, New League Unlocked. - Great!

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A giant of the water, with strength, speed and a highly resistant life, practically a defender, although expensive in mana, but with a good combination of allied monsters in the battle bonnet, victory is assured.



A new legendary among my collection, it is the monster "THE KRAKEN", I have run with the luck of obtaining it among the daily rewards, next to "golden FLAME MONKEY" at level 3, it was truly a super experience when opening the chest and it began to wobble everywhere, excitement invading just before the card was revealed.


Now I already have 6 legendary with this new reward, I know that "THE KRAKEN" will be the protagonist of many victories, but I hope to raise my summoners of Water, in what I can invest do not doubt that I will, since victory also requires a effort and the goal is to be in the top 100, although I know it is an ambitious goal because I am not the only one and there are already several with excellent cards and higher levels, but I will achieve that challenge.


We keep growing! This week after a lot of effort, I have achieved a new goal, on the way to the Champion league, and that is that after having managed to reach the Diamond III league for the first time, after 3 seasons I managed to advance once again and this season I have reached Diamond League II.


Between investment, strategy and rewards I have advanced further and of course the goal is to reach the Champion league.


Do not wait any longer and click on the image to join:


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Ahhh! It's so exciting to pull a Legendary!!!! Congrats!!

Yes, it is super cool, they also ate it with the effect of trembling while the card is discovered, that adds more emotion... 😆