Travelgirl's Splinterlands Season Rewards - Champion 3

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Hi Everyone

Another season has finished and I was thrilled to get into Champion 3 again. Life have been pretty busy so I played less than I wanted these few days but either way, I was happy with the outcome.

Screen Shot 20200430 at 3.12.26 pm.png

Here come the rewards. I was actually quite excited I got an orb again considering I got a gold card nearly a week ago I was hoping my luck will stay with me. Unfortunately it is not the case but I guess a chance is better than nothing.

I didn't get anything great this time round, even the DEC rewards a bit sloppy this season. I hope this season will be a lot better and fingers crossed I can get to Champion 3 or higher this time.

Screen Shot 20200430 at 3.13.55 pm.png

Screen Shot 20200430 at 3.14.03 pm.png

Screen Shot 20200430 at 3.14.12 pm.png

Screen Shot 20200430 at 3.14.23 pm.png

Screen Shot 20200430 at 3.14.33 pm.png

Screen Shot 20200430 at 3.14.43 pm.png

Screen Shot 20200430 at 3.14.52 pm.png

Screen Shot 20200430 at 3.14.59 pm.png

Screen Shot 20200430 at 3.15.30 pm.png

Screen Shot 20200430 at 3.15.39 pm.png


animation by @catwomanteresa

Travelgirl pic.jpeg

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This looks like a lot of fun! I used to be huge into Hearthstone and MTG.

I'm signing up to play now -- any pointers or tips for a newbie? :D


If you are just starting out it might be good to focus in on one splinter. I would also look to buy untamed packs in steem or hive engine because they are cheaper.

Feel free to sign up with my link and I’ll send you a few cards.

I signed up! :)

Let me know what your favorite splinter is and I'll send over a few cards to help get you started.

Hive engine is place to buy and trade other tokens on the HIVE chain. Do you know about tribes?

Thank you! I'll dig into it tonight and explore things.

Oh neat! You learn something new every day. I'm still making my way through HIVE and discovering everything that's out there - I'm trying to figure out an app/way I could help the community from a dev/design OR marketing perspective.

I do not know about tribes! Hella noobie here. Am I missing out on something? xD

I sent a couple cards already just make sure I got your name right. There's a ton to learn on Hive it's a bit more complicated than other social networks, but that's what makes it great! You can earn other tokens including Hive when you post to tribes/communities. On Hive engine you can trade them for other coins or more hive. If you have any specific questions reach out.

You da best! I'll have to play a bit tonight to get the hang of things. Some of these cards can get pretty expensive, can't they!

OHH so tribes = communities, okay I got you. I've browsed around OCD and HIVEDevs, as well as LeoFinance (think that's what it's called), but not much beyond this. Are there any tribes you recommend I check out?

I appreciate all of this info, very helpful! You should write a welcome guide for newcomers haha

I try! I’m in OCD and Beersaturday a lot. I’m still a pretty small fish, but I see huge potential in HIVE. I lived though a few years in Steem so I’m excited for this new opportunity. If you need anything or are having issues let me know and I can pass on my experiences.

Thanks for this! I created an account already, but I haven't bought the summoner book thing yet, so I'll make a new one.

Also, is Hive Engine a marketplace or something? Not familiar with it yet.

And from what I see, we can't use HIVE with Splinterlands yet as payment, can we :/

Not too bad. My rewards this season were not worth posting. I made it to diamond II again and pretty much just got DEC and potions.

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