My Splinterlands Battle Weekly Challenge! Win Upvotes!THEME:NECTAR QUEEN

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Above is Yotube video of my Battle


Dear friends

Hope you all will be happy and fine. Splinterlands is my one of favorite game, that i always play and my kids also play it very much. but last few days i was upset and was trying to learn about more games,so when i honestly speaking splinterlands is one of the best blockchain gaming station. so i will request and recommend to all gaming lover that if they still did not join it, they should join it. My this post is to take participate in weekly battle challenge contest that is organized by @splinterlands team, @Steemmonsters team , if you do not know about this contest then you can get complete detail from this post SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge! Win Upvotes!


My lineup in this Battle

in this Battle my line was following that you can see in my given image. i liked this line up very much , all cards are my favorite in line in good position. they can break any line very easily.



in this battle, i used Daria Dragonscale as Summonerl. it is EPIC Dragon Summoner. so i love it to use as summoner. so i entered my army with EPIC Dragon Summoner.



Nectar Queen is hero card of this week in contest, it is also theme card of this week, but before this theme starting, i used this card in many battles, and i got a lot of victories with help of this card, so today also victory was in my favour, so here you can see in video, that this card fought very bravely and made the victory possible. so i feel that 2nd and first position is best placement for this card. if any other friends, know more about its place and rule that in which rule , what position is best for this card, but i mostly use this card at first and 2nd place. i am getting good result.

Unlike most queen bees, Nectar Queens like to get out of the nest and get their Proboscis dirty. Fortunately, you can hear one coming long before it reaches you. Unfortunately, they have a real taste for blood.source


i placed GLORIDAX GUARDIAN at 2nd place. when i bought this card two week ago, before stolen my money , first week i could not understand its positions, so many time i placed it at last place, and centre , middle, but i felt that all these position are not for this card, so when i placed it at 2nd place, i got good result, i am learning daily rule of every battle, so dear friends, if you have any card, first please learn , use them at all place, if you do not know about any cards, then you will be able to use them in best way. so GLORIDAX GUARDIAN is my favourite card and i am enjoying battles with this card if i have big mana game.


It is Javelin Thrower, when it throws to enemy then it is 100% he damage the enemy so i never forget to enter this card , and this card can be use any place except first place, so never use this card at first place, i always use this card at last place or 2nd last place. so i never forget to use this card if i have choice for this card. it is one of the best attacker card so now i am thinking to level up this card, soon i will level up this card. i love this card it is RARE Earth Monster family.


Did this Strategy work out well?

Yes my strategy worked, so this battle is proof of my success plan that i used in this battle, so my all card played very well and it is the proof of successful strategy. yes i use this card very much in big mana game, because it is big mana game, but it is also good minimum 24 mana game, as this was .



Dear Friends!

if you want to watch my this battle on SM site then visit to my direct link
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