Relationship is hard


Relationship are is hard ,I know they are not easy sometimes you have to listen to long monologues about triceratops migration but it worth it

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To get a friend of life and sometimes you have to eat disgusting cubcakes shaped like your own face but it's worth it to see your mum smile

Sometimes you have to give your dad the benefits of the doubt even if all he wants to do is talks about Pune cone and strawberries because even if he doesn't always get it right,he always trying harder than you ever know

My whole relationship is trying to get together and it works, relationship can be hard but they're so Worth fighting for , they might be one of the only things that are

Don't let the world decide what you really want ,no one is perfect ,we all lack one things in our life ,when things go wrong between you and your partner,don't be proud to ask for forgiveness

Communication is the real key to strong relationship, don't expect your partner will know what wrong with you all the time ,when your partner do something wrong ,you have to tell him and let him know, know what your partner want

Assumption kills relationship,you see different quote on the internet Everytime ,you see lovely couples posting about their relationship ,so you expect that In yours too ,but because you don't get it also you assume your partner ain't doing something right , remember no one post their failure

You don't have to call or chat with your partner everyday before you know you are in love , remember you both have different life apart your romantic life , seeing yourself all the time can make you loose Interest , people value what scarce but be available when he need you

Am not a relationship expert but I see the
different when I stop assuming In mine



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