Splinterlnads Art Contest: my BYZANTINE KITTY

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Hello, I am returning to participate. I had stopped because I just wanted to draw other things from my imagination and not just game cards. I drawing a lot every day... Now I'm back because I intend to get money to buy a video game.

The first image is the final result, the second is the background and the others are a sequence of the creative process.









I hope you like my art.

Made with Ibis Paint

Seu Amiguto - drawings and animated movies




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Cool illustration. Your reason are cool too. !discovery 15

Thanks! :D

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Thanks :D

Thanks for sharing! - @marianaemilia

good work!

Ahh it's so cute! I love the little one flopped on the kitty's head XD

And let us know what game you get when you get it :D

@ryivhnn, sorry for the delay, thanks
I don't play, I just make the drawings, my aunt who plays and asks me to draw them