Time to shop Hive engine

in LeoFinance5 months ago

Let the buying continue. I’m jumping back on the bid again. Got some fresh fiat earned from my blood sweat and tears(yeah thanks central bankers). I’ve got the buying urge today so we’ll see what the Hive engine tokens are doing.

Might nibble a bit on Neoxian. Looks like the price has been pumping for awhile now. Don’t know what the future holds but I’m buying anyways.

DEC looks good as well. I like Splinterlands although I’m still learning the game. I like the Uniswap integration so we will see where things go from here. There may be a time where the current price of .0056 may look cheap. Fomo may kick in as well one morning. :)

Also adding to my Dcity. Love the game and it continues to provide daily SIM and Hive. Would be nice to see a market for SIM on UNI. Wishful thinking perhaps. But would be nice.

After my trades I may look at some of the other community tokens. Although I don’t have a fiat printing press I may still put more cash to work. With Bitcoin pumping now may be a good time to buy everything. Not to mention more helicopter money seems to be on the way for the United States. Well, wish me luck.

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