Splintertalking my way to riches

in LeoFinance2 months ago

Splintertalk or SPT is one of those under the radar but obvious gems that you might have passed up on without even knowing. The SPT is basically a coin distributed to people who talk about Splinterlands; I'm one of the people and just like Leo, I've been accumulating them and staking.


The token has a very tiny value that I haven't bothered checking but at least it has enough liquidity to matter. In the same way, we have Leofinance Website, there's also splintertalk.io front end where you get Splinterlansd exclusive content.

Splintertalk has been rather kind to me, with all things being equal, and over the years, I've accumulated 6790 of the tokens, totally staked and hopefully, more to come. I haven't explored this token and the value enough to set a value but judging by how much I have and the value, I reckon projecting a stake of 20k by the end of the year isn't out of the question.

I've been putting serious muscle into Hive-based tokens and SPT might get some love from me in the near future. The plan was to buy DEC with earnings from my posts about Splinterlands but with the SPT situation, I'll spread the love to the token as well.

There's no word about the possibility of SPT being used in the game but I reckon it would be pretty interesting to see how that works. The price of SPT and DEC aren't that far apart, so it isn't out of the question for both of them to have identical value in-game. Time will tell how that goes anyways.

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