Doubled Up My Hive and Bought Some LEO... Plus Got Splinterlands Plot of Land...

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I bought 723 Hive and powered up about 500 of the Hive to double up my Hive Power and with the rest of my Hive that I purchased I bought a little more than 100 LEO.

My first goal was to get 5,000 Hive and 1,000 LEO but I think I am going to go for 3,000 Hive and 2,000 LEO instead to have my bags more equal. I am going to slowly keep adding to my Hive and LEO when I get the chance. I hope to hit my goal by the end of Jan by latest.

I love what I see here on LEO and want to contribute more and to be able to contribute more I need more Hive and LEO.


I also bought one plot of land for Splinterlands. The description sounded cool with the land plots. I don't fully understand it yet but sure I will once it is released. Just not sure one plot of land will be enough. I have been playing Splinterlands since the beginning but have not invested much into the game. I originally bought a starter pack then on Untamed pack and now this plot of land. Plus a bunch of cards with Steem then and DEC recently.


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Congrats on the investments into hive and leo. Curious what is your splinterlands in game name? I was in a similar position as you where I was early with splinterlands but ignored it for years until I caught back up to it later. Lol.

I use this account for my Splinterlands.

Don't miss out on the hidden gem of the hive ecosystem @dcitygame

I can't wrap my head around the concept of the game.

message me on discord if u want to know more about it, it's incredibly lucrative for the ones I've helped.

Sounds good when I have a little time I will message you been pretty busy of late.

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no worries, enjoy the life, my friend!