Which Hive Tokens are you Investing in and why?

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As most here know, Hive supports a second layer of tokens with their own tokenomics. I'm interested in starting to build stakes (think SMALL, SMALL stakes... lol) in some of the tokens that I believe have big upside. I have a few I will discuss below, but am hoping to get some ideas from the comments. So please leave a comment with the tokens you are looking to increase your stake in.


One token that I really like the potential of is SPORTS, the token you earn on Sports Talk Social. Sports fans are a huge target audience and the topic is rich with material to write about. I think Sports Social could explode this year. As such, I have started putting a bit of my earnings into SPORTS while the prices are low.


The team behind LeoFinance have really had a good last year. So many improvements and innovations with more teased for the near future. The price of LEO has rewarded all the Lions well, with the LEO now worth over $0.47 as of this writing. I bought myself some LEO for my Holiday gift to myself and it has already doubled in value. Happy New Year to me! I will continue to build my LEO stash this year and will watch the LBI token.


Starbits are the rewards you earn playing the Rising Star game. I have been playing Rising Star for a month or so and think it has a lot of potential. There already is an active market for STARBITS and I feel that as they improve the game they will attract more and more players making the market for STARBITS and Rising Star NFTs more and more valuable.


DEC (or Dark Energy Crystals) are earned playing the game Splinterlands. I have been playing Splinterlands for a few months and had been selling my DEC for LEO or HIVE. But I have decided to start holding and building my DEC stash. Not so much because I think it will appreciate greatly in value, but because it is a good trading token. DEC is actively traded and yet there is often a 10% or higher spread between the Bid and Ask. Seems like a good trader should be able to make some decent returns with spreads and volume like that.LeoDex.

Tribe Tokens

I'm going to try to build up a stash of some of the Tribe tokens too. Anything that has a curation mode - preferably linear - I want to earn. Tokens like NEOXAG, BUILD, PAL, and CPT.

Your Turn

So those are some of the Hive tokens I'm looking to build this year.
What Hive tokens are you guys looking at? Any tribes out there that look like they are going to break out soon? Exotic investment tokens like LBI that I should be looking at?

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Apart from BUILD, I hold all. In fact I have some nice stash in LEO,CTP and NEOXAG.