Bought Some Land & Powering Down More $STEEM

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Finally I have made it to being a Land owner through direct investment into the Splinterlands game. Few hours before the sale started, I put as much DEC as I could into the presale. Today I'm greeted to this:


Finally some victory of purchasing 7 Plots of land. Maybe there weren't enough demand to overcrowd the purchases this time. I didn't want to stick around the count down clock. So I left after getting into the lottery:

Don't Forget Mystery Potions

I've got 1 more Plot from a Splinterlands Mystery Potion. Based on @splinterstats you've got 4% - 5% chance (sometimes things get even better) to win 1 Plot everyday.

Last Bits of $STEEM

I've delegated to @informationwar community. I'm going to keep that delegation as a show of support. But I've finally powered down so much I've barely got enough Steem for Tx. I'm still making some SP from posts. So I'll be fine. But I'm also finally out of my gradual SP Power Downs :)

Power Down.png

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Appreciate teh support good sir. I am catching up on past mentions. We are still active and curating on Hive :) #informationwar is where we can be found!

Good to see you still going strong :)

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Nice bit of land you got. I wonder how fast it went today, I wasn’t around to find out!

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I think it was 40 minutes this time.

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Lmao. I thought you meant like actual land

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