Hive/Steem-Engine Token Prices Are Going Haywire Right Now - Arbitrage Opportunities Are Gone

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There was a time DEC was trading at a huge discount from the (kind of) peg of $0.001 That time was slowly going away. I was buying all the way up. I'm still buying. It's smart to buy 1000 DEC for anything other than $1.

But that's not what my main point. It's something I've been seeing in the bull market where we had MASSIVE gains!

Take A Look Yourself

Here's a few points for those who haven't been following these stuff closely:

  • Tokens aren't priced in USD (or other fiat)
  • Trading volumes have increased
  • Prices have been crashing for months
  • Fiat values have still increased a lot
  • There's no price difference between Steem-Engine and Hive-Engine

That Last Point Sucks For Some

I've coem across so many chances for double digit instant gains where you could buy DEC on 1 exchange and transfer it to another at ZERO cost and then sell for massive profits. Gone are such times.

This is the 1st time I've seen the same price on both exchanges since ages. Times are certainly changing........... a lot.

What I've Been Doing

Yeah..... I'm selling to buy more DEC. Does anybody remmeber seeing Splinterlands Cards go to moon? I don't think so. Basically I'm saying Splinterlands assets could be super undervalued at the moment. hence the sell order.

HODL vs Spend

I could wait for DEC to go over $0.001 and treat is as your typical investment. But why bother when you can get some of these:

Now I've got 14 charges ready. Had to buy some before my 10% discount end at the end of the Season :)

Land Plots have been a great investment. Take a look at the track record of the team behind it. We are going to see some major attention in the future as social media blockchains keep getting more attention.

Power of Not Being Traded Against Fiat

It's hard to get accurate idea of fiat value at a simple glance when tokens are priced by Hive/Steem. When Hive/Steem moon like the last few days they are going to drag these small Tokens with the to at least to a geostationary orbit. I guess you could call it a blessing.

Imagine what we could have had with Smart Media Tokens that were proposed ages ago around the same time as Steem-Engien. I'm so glad @aggroed and devs pulled off our 2nd layer well.

Even LEO won't be a thing without this 2nd layer. Keep that in mind :)

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I have a little pet investment the SPT token from splintertalk. I have 125,000 spt it sells as low as .0007 and as high as .0012. If you over pay on an order it will jump the entire spt market up in value, than someone ruins it by placing the next buy order at.0007, the market is worth exactly what people are willing to pay for it. If Splinter takes off in value from .0007 the rags to riches potential is there!

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