The next LP opportunity: DEC

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After HIVE and LEO, there is another major Hive token that has joined the Uniswap universe. DEC is now also tradable there and there are also some benefits to providing liquidity as well.


The full article is here explaining the whole process

But in short:

  • LAND in exchange for Liquidity
  • Raffle tickets for future prizes in exchange for Liquidity

30 days until land goes for sale so why not?
3000 LAND at a full sale price of 2 USD is 60k at 1000 plots per 30 days.

Find out how much is in the pool here:


I have spare ETH and I have a decent amount of DEC so I figured I would participate in this pool as well as the WLEO one.

I really believe in Splinterlands and the last AMA only confirmed the hunch that they are really thinking big. Plus getting the angel investment from the man that founded Zynga games (Eric Schiermeyer) is truly a big thing
An assumption of mine is that he is also one of the whales that have come into HIVE last month making the fears from @revisesociology and @taskmaster4450 in their power distribution posts
post 2

And that would in fact negate their fears as it would be a sign that our blockchain is finally getting some more attention and more HIVE will become powered up and Illiquid


I put up some practical tips to joining the DEC pool:

STEP 1. Check the Liquidity pool

STEP 2. Link Splinterlands to Ethereum


STEP 3 Click "find my address" to have Metamask come up and accept the token linking


STEP 4 Transfer your DEC from HIVE

To do that you have to make sure that all the DEC you want to transfer is in your In-game wallet and when that is done select the Ethereum wallet and press transfer out.
As you can see I have done that here and paid the 1000 DEC fee already and it has shown up in the ETH part of the wallet.
Note: Do not be alarmed if this takes a few minutes as it needs some confirmations on the ETH blockchain.


STEP 5 Find the correct pool

Once you have done that by going to UNISWAP to find the correct pool or just follow the link below.

You will be taken to the next screen and there you either put the amount of DEC you have or ETH and it will fill in how much you need to put in to create the balance. Which in my case will be 0.4 ETH and


STEP 6 (only first time) Approve DEC

If this is your first time trying to add DEC liquidity you will have to approve DEC .This needs a signed transaction on Ethereum and will cost you some gas fees. In this case the fee is reasonable at 1.11 USD in comparison I paid around 5 usd when I approved LEO. Take into account here again that this might take a few minutes until the transaction has made its way through the system.


I personally decided to add 0.5 more DEC so I did a swap that brought my DEC total to 421071. This will force me to put up 0.89 ETH for the balance in the pooling.


STEP 7 Jumping in the pool

I pressed supply, had to confirm on my metamask and paid another 5.14 USD fees and was off to the pool supplying 0.57%
BUT if you take into account that 50k Liquidity was provided from the Splinterlands team @aggroed & @yabapmatt as they explained in the post and the AMA. This means that for now I am roughly at 1% of liquidity instead of 0.57

Rough ROI calculation

I will leave it to @neilmcspadden to do a excell sheet video for finer details.
1000 plots per month means 33 per day
1% is 0.33 plots for me per day if the pool stays as is.
about 10 plots per month at 2 USD is 20 USD
That amounts to 3% per month which is not bad for a 650 USD investment. Take into account that there are no trading fees and not raffle prizes in here as well.


So, are you joining in this pool as well or are you sitting on your dec to buy more cards.
Land is in one month so you have some time to jump in the pool with me if you want

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I am considering doing the same thing, but I don’t have that much DEC to my name… I guess I should hit the game hard and start grinding. :D

yea, that is a good idea. I have the luck of having 6 accounts playing for me and my own account as well. That gives steady DEC income. I was saving up for land but now I can get land early just for staking

Cool stuff!!

I put in 300K myself, waiting on a bit more ETH so I might double that, it's a good place to let it sit until that land presale!

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I’m already in it to win it don’t know if I’ll make a profit but I’m really only there to score some land

yea, I guess that is why most of us will do it, just because we like the game and do not say no to free land

I moved in strong, but DEC has kinda faltered in the last day or so.
On the other hand, my next powerdown is today, so a low DEC price means more bang for my buck when I buy more. Fascinating concept. Also there are lottery tickets. Somebody's going to win a sector.

winning a sector would be a super prize...