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RE: Creating and Powering up a dedicated Splinterlands .SPT Account

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man there are so many interesting tribes out there! i was checking them as well 1 hour ago! i wanted to sell my last steem so i changed it for hive and then was looking to what tribes i spend it, apart form leo that i bought 100!

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I don't want to buy more LEO, as I feel the ship has sailed. Maybe it hasn't but I like the ones that have some potential. Just be careful with these..., they all went to shit once, and may do again (see PHOTO on steem.engine).

i think leo has so many potentials! Generally speaking though i tend to spend amounts that i don't care if i lose them! i totally feel you about the steemit ones! did you have invested in any of these?

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Steem tribes, yes.. lots.. I think many of us did.

hopefully those tribes and tokens will remain and give us some good returns, or at least if they are going to hell, i hope we realize it sooner and cash out! :P

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