Something Big from Splinterlands Coming Right Up

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The guys from Splinterlands made sure those who follow the game closely know something big is coming. They've been hinting about it in AMAs, on Discord and maybe even in posts. We don't know what it is, they made sure not to let the information out until the announcement time, just that it's big.

It's that big that they scheduled two AMAs this week instead of the usual one.

Don't worry if you live in Europe or another timezone that puts the Special AMA in the middle of the night. If you won't be there live, there will be recordings of it made available soon after, sometimes from more than one source.

There might be a post making the big announcement before the AMA, but I don't know when it will be published, so don't count on that.

I'm very curious what the big announcement is about. Matt and Aggroed haven't been so secretive about one of the developments regarding Splinterlands for a very long time, if ever. It certainly evades me the memory of the last time that happened.

I remember some time ago, before they started hinting at this big announcement, they had mentioned there will be an important component of the game that will be released this year, other than the land expansion everyone already expects. When grilled about it, they preferred to keep quiet at that time. I wonder if this big announcement is related to that.

The more I think about it, the more curious I become. And now that they have built up expectation, they'd better not disappoint us! :)

Do you want to speculate what this is about?

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It is great to start an additional adventure on Splinterlands.

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Yup, they touch on some interesting points in the announcements.

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thanks for the info, I'm excited to know about this, I just started splinterlands and your info makes me think keep on going !LUV

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