Splinterlands will have a farm on Cub Finance

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The two giants in the Hive ecosystem and not only, Leofinance and Splinterlands made a deal that will link them together to some degree.

Thinking that one of the partners of Splinterlands recently introduced Diesel Pools to Hive-Engine/Tribaldex, I wonder if we will see some LEO, maybe CUB pairs there after they figure out the rewards part. But many things can and I'm sure will still happen in a month or so.

Let's get back to what we have now. Or should I say announced now. Because it will be in effect in two days.

In two days we will have a DEC-BUSD farm added on Cub Finance, with a x5 multiplicator, as announced by Leofinance.


To make room to the new DEC-BUSD farm, four farms/dens which are underutilized will be affected after a 48 hours notice:

  • CAKE-BUSD farm removed
  • CAKE-BNB farm multiplier reduced from 2x to 1x
  • CAKE Den removed
  • DOT Den multiplier reduced from 2x to 1x

Splinterlands is not at its first adventure in the defi world. Its first pool was DEC-ETH on Uniswap.

But recently they decided to launch another pool on Uniswap, this time with a stablecoin, DEC-DAI.

Looks like on Cub Finance they'll continue on the same path, and pair DEC with another stable coin, BUSD.

It's not once I heard Matt saying in their weekly discord AMAs that he sees DEC as stable on the long term, not because it is pegged to a certain amount (although in their shop it's fixed: 1000 DEC = $1), but because there will always be developed both sinks and faucets that will make DEC be relatively stable on the long term. I'm quoting from memory, of course.

If that plan works out, then the DEC-BUSD farm should be relatively unaffected by impermanent loss on the long term. That's not as safe as two stable coins, regarding impermanent loss, but it's the next best thing. The market price of DEC is currently $0.00074358 on Coingecko, so ~$0.74 is not $1.

But here's another sink at the right time. Which might trigger an increase in price because people could buy DEC to participate in the new farm. You might have DEC parked in-game. If you don't feel like buying more cards right now, here's a way to put it to work.

The new farm will have the normal 4% deposit fee, which will go to Cub Treasury for the regular burns of Cub and Leo.

I don't have much DEC right now, but since I'm not looking to spend it, pooling it with BUSD is a great option to make it work for some more passive income. In the form of CUBs, as you already know.

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Ah....here we are, more temptations to pull the plugs on Splinterlands and decimate all my cards for some DEC. Then pull the DEC in the farm. I'm soooooo close. Gosh!

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Yeah, you do what you think it's best for you. Personally, I'll wait for the Land Expansion to see how that goes.

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You mean like burning all your cards? Sure, go ahead, as that will be greatly beneficial for all the other card holders, by decreasing the total supply. But selling them on the market, even at lowest price, will give you more than burning them. And if you are really in a hurry, send them to @dec101 to get 101% of the burn value in DEC.

Ah thanks for the info. I was probably drunk when i considered doing this. I think ill just hold