SplinterLands:: Were You Lucky to receive the AirDrop Card The GORLODON?

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Hey All;

The SplinterLands team made an announcement yesterday with respect to the 13th Untamed airdrop card If you had bought Untamed Cards Packs then you are eligible for the AirDrop.


In all, I had bought close to 81 Packs and this makes me eligible to receive an AirDrop card. But there is no guarantee that one would definitely receive an AirDrop card. The higher the card packs one has bought the higher the chances of receiving the card - that's the main logic.

The last time when the card was Airdoped i.e. 12th Untamed airdrop card, I was lucky to receive two cards. I did a post about it as well - SplinterLands:: AirDrop Cards Received for Buying UntaMed Packs - Buy UNTAMED PACKS to be Eligible for the NeXt AirDrop.


A player receives these AirDrop cards when a set of UntaMed packs are SOLD out. Yes; for every 100K UNTAMED PACKS SOLD a new character in the UnTAMED series is released. This time it was the 13th of the 14th Special AirDrop characters/monsters - "The GORLODON" in the UNTAMED Series that was released and AirDroped to players based on the UNTAMED packs they had bought.

Did I Receive - The GORLODON AirDropped Card?

Yes; I got lucky this time as well and did manage to get 1 card of this monster named - The GORLODON


Not that bad out of the 81 Packs that I have and my eligibility to receive an AirDrop card. I was able to get one of these cards absolutely FREE - simply amazing. As of writing this post the card is already available for SALE in the internal market and is being sold for a Dollar; close to $1 Approx.


If you were lucky to have this new character card - The GORLODON AirDroped; my sincere advice would be not to rush for selling the card immediately. Let the price of the card stabilize and then take a decision. I think the stats that the card has i.e. its Reach ability from that start go and being a low-speed card with three Melee Attacks makes it a perfect card to have for specific battle rules. I'm not selling the card that I got from this AirDrop that I received and maybe even look further to buying some more cards from the open market.

Finally; we are now just left with the last character card to be revealed and Airdropped. And if you wanna take part in the AirDrop of these characters then there is only one thing you need to DO.. That is Just buy UNTAMED Packs; that will make you eligible for the AirDrop characters. The more card packs you buy is the higher chances you have of receiving the AirDrop character. So just ensure you have a good amount of UNTAMED card packs bought so that you have a higher chance of getting some characters.


Currently; there are just 191K+ Untamed card packs left to be sold out and for every 100K Untamed card packs sold the new character card is Airdropped. It just took 3 weeks from the last Airdropped card to the one that was given out today. So you can imagine how fast the card packs are being sold out.

Total Splinterlands Market Cap: $16,913,555


At the same time, the game Spliterlands marketcap is just rising each day. It has surpassed $16+Mil and there is no stopping to it.. and is about to reach $17+Mil in no time from now.

Have Your SAY....

Did you get lucky this time to receive - The GORLODON? Are you selling the card OR HOLDing iT? What's your strategy?


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Thanks for the reminder. I guess I need to check in on my airdropped cards later tonight.

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Thanks for sharing! - @marianaemilia

For me the great advantage of this card is that it is easy to use. 🙂