Splinterland Lir Deepswimmer up nearly 20% in 3 days?!?!

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Hello Hive Friends,

3 days ago I wrote about buying the legendary card Lir Deepswimmer on Splinterlands. I bought 2 hoping to hold and know it is powerful enough to counter Zaku with return fire ability. 3 days later, that card I purchased at around $5.50 has gone up to $6.49. I guess there are players out there see the potential of this card hence it getting slowly bought up. Check the prices again, I'm up nearly 20% on this card alone. Although I didn't mass buy the card to make big money, where can we get nearly 20% of your investment in 3 days?

I've seen some pretty amazing cards out there for some low prices and then shoot up in value over night because players all of a sudden can see how useful these cards can become when they are playing against other splinters. Not to mention land is coming out, more partnerships are made with others so the vision I see, holding these cards are valuable. The challenge is to find the next "it" card. I would probably still continue with my gold and legendary hunting but might move to the other cards even common to prepare for the influx of users coming in. 20% in 3 days is epic! I can't complain, now on the hunt for the next one!

old price 3 days ago

lir now.png
new price today


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Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

That's so profitable, it seems.
Yeah, 20% in 3 days seems like dreaming to lots of peoples/players.
And you know what? Valuable things should have upper values.