Yodin Zaku - Beast of the Beast Investment on Splinterlands

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Hi Hive Friends,

2 months ago I wrote that the Yodin Zaku I bought was selling at $22 up from when it was purchased for $12 on market. Well 2 months later, this very same card is selling at $38. Pretty unbelievable considering this is only 1 card we are talking about. From $12 maybe 6 months ago to nearly $40 it's like 3x the price already. My investment on Splinterlands by far has been the best investment for the year of 2020 with a few slow months but overall there are gains.

Of course there are always risks buying cards hoping the game succeed but also that the number of new players increase. We are seeing a slow growth of new players and a decrease of bots at least in the higher levels. Due to the time poor, there are days I don't play to earn DEC but hoping the cards will go up in price and this card along with many have proven it has given us a solid return on our investment.



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Yeah, Yodin is definitely worth it. Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

It's 35$ now!!! OMG.
I've sold one with the double amount of my investment and now it's 3x.
I should've kept it for longer, lol.
Long live Yodin Zaku.