The Play2Earn Report - Closed For Renovation

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In last week's Play2Earn Report, I announced that I quit playing most of my blockchain games and that I'll start to focus on a select few projects instead. At the same time, I was thinking about either stopping the Play2Earn report or remaking it into something different. Well, the feedback I got was more than amazing. Between Publish0x, Hive, and, more than 2 dozen people commented that they wanted to see the Play2Earn report be continued. I really did not expect so many comments and I'm really grateful for all of them! I'll certainly continue the report now, although I've still to figure out what will belong in there in the future and what I want to leave out.

Either way, I will also eventually change the name to something more fitting for the new theme but so far, I didn't have a stroke of genius, so I'll leave it as it is until I can figure out something cool. Anyway, my blockchain week was rather short as I spent some days away from home unplanned. During the weekend, I only managed a few games of Splinterlands and it took me until Wednesday to really get things going again. Because of this, not too much has happened last week. I'm on vacation now, though, and I have a lot of action planned for the coming week, so the next report should have a lot more stories to tell again.

Let's take a look at my token gains now:


Good, solid growth on all tokens with especially SPT standing out thanks to author rewards for some articles focusing on Splinterlands topics. Other than that, I didn't get as much author rewards as I usually get simply for the fact that I missed posting articles half the week. This will be a recurring issue next week but after that, I should be back to one article payout daily. Now let's take a look at my different projects and without giving away much, this is going to be a Splinterlands heavy episode!


There's a lot going on in Splinterlands at the moment and I hope I don't miss anything I want to talk about. Firstly, let's talk updates to the game. Cryptomancer finished development of the first iteration of Guild Brawls and I really can't wait to get involved with it. The first brawl is scheduled to start next Monday and my Guild should be in an excellent spot to compete for the number 1 rank. This is a huge addition to the game and the biggest update in a while. It will still pale in comparison to land, but since that's still some months away, Brawls should provide us with a lot of entertainment until land is ready.


I've also made the decision that I want to become a Monster Maverick, so I've started to save up my DEC in order to buy 500 Untamed packs in one go. I'll buy the DEC missing once a new promotion comes around or Untamed is nearing a sell out. Either way, I feel like investing in Untamed cards is an amazing opportunity. Once Chaos Legion hits, Untamed card prices are going to rise fast and just holding some booster packs from Untamed will pay off huge in some years from now. So far, I've saved up about 34,000 DEC so I obviously have quite a while to go but I expect to have at least ~2 months before I need to take action.

I still managed to buy some more cards thanks to my referrals, though. Last week only, I've earned almost 40,000 credits through the referral program! That tells you a lot about the state of the game, that's 800$ spent in the store by my referrals alone! I'll keep using the referral earnings to max out some of my missing max level cards. My Serpentine Spy had been sitting at level 9 for a long time now and I felt like it was time to finally get him to max level. I've also bought a Mushroom Seer which I only had a level 6 copy of.


I've underestimated the power of Poison for quite a while and although I'm not a big fan of these 50:50 coin toss abilities, they are to powerful to ignore. I've lost several games in the past because my enemy's Serpentine Spy had Poison and/or mine didn't. The Mushroom Seer is an amazing card just as well. He only gets +2 life compared to the level 6 version, but I feel like making him a bit beefier is worth the investment nevertheless. There are still a lot of cards I want to max out, although there's that nagging voice in my head telling me that I should finally start to build the water splinter as well.

I've also managed to rank in the top 50 again but my biggest success this week was opening my second gold foil legendary ever. I've found a gold foil Almio Cambio in one of my chest rewards. There are only 19 copies in existence of that card so far. I've considered selling it right away, but instead opted to delegate it to one of my friends to bring him to Gold III power level. I don't feel like I need to be in a rush with selling any Splinterlands cards at the moment, so I can just keep accumulating everything.


All things considered, this has been another splendid week in the Splinterlands and it just keeps getting better week after week!


Sadly, not much news to report on eXode. As I had anticipated in last weeks article, we've missed the deadline for a Colonization release in March. According to the latest post in Discord, we are bound for a release in April but let's see. I feel elindos on this one, he's building something awesome and unheard of in the blockchain world and at the same time has to manage all the other stuff surrounding his project. Nevertheless, it's now been over a year since I've gotten into eXode and I'd just love to finally get my hands on a playable version of Colonization.


I'm not going to complain, though. Realistically, it's probably going to take the rest of the year until all relevant features are in and we can move on to Beta and new additions to the game. Long term, the development team will have to grow to keep up with constant updates to the game. From my side, elindos gets all the time in the world, eXode will be glorious, no matter when I get to play it!


Talking of things taking a little longer than expected, CubFinance wasn't able to release its new features as fast as khal initially teased. Nevertheless, things are looking really good there so far. After the CUB token had dipped well below 2$, it started to slowly but steadily climb again. Right now, it's traded at 4.719$ and there's no sign of weakness yet. The total value locked is also going up every single day, we are already at over 19,000,000$ value locked, pretty impressive numbers in such an early stage.


I've never gotten into DeFi before and honestly, I still think most of it is still mindless speculation where people hope to sell faster than the rest before moving on to the next project they can milk. In that reagard, CubFinance is different. It's a long term approach, trying to bring new and unique features to the blockchain world and I feel like eventually, this thing is really going to take off, hopefully taking the CUB token along with it. In terms of earning, this is about as passive an income as it gets. Last week, I've earned 173.9$ worth of CUB tokens without having to do anything. Long term, I'll probably wish I bought more tokens when I had the chance but realistically, I'm pretty happy with the stake I have right now.


Publish0x finally introduced the option to withdraw directly to an exchange. Now I'm not the biggest fan of KuCoin but it still means I'll be able to get my money without paying these absurd fees on the ETH network. I didn't withdraw anything in a while because of that and I'm now looking at about 200$ worth of crypto that I'm about to get. Pretty nice!


And that's all from me for today. I have several projects lined up that I want to take a closer look at during the weekend. I'm certainly not going to stay active with all of them, I might even come to the conclusion that none of them are worth my time but we'll see. At the least, I'll have some material for new articles. Thank you all for reading and I'll see you next time!

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Long term, the development team will have to grow

I don't agree with that long term, imo should be after the release of colonization, once the game is running he will need someone to keep an eye at night if the thing gets broken, and this can't be done by a moderator, he will need another dev soon. I can't imagine to have the game stopped for any issue and having to wait him to wake up.

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Ya agreed, that would be a major issue and something a moderator couldn't do, although you don't necessarily need a dev for that either. But ya, the team will need to grow once we have Colonization out!

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I've found a gold foil Almio Cambio in one of my chest rewards.

Congratulations. That's brilliant!

CubFinance wasn't able to release its new features as fast as khal initially teased.

I'm glad of this. There was too much happening too fast for my liking. Better to take time and not make mistakes.

Have a fun weekend!

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Better to take time and not make mistakes.

Absolutely! There are rarely second chances with a beast like that :-)

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I think holding Splinterlands cards is a good idea, it's just a matter of waiting.

Unfortunately the DEC price isn't attractive atm - it's floating around $0.80 - plenty of time for it to go down before you need to strike, might be worth waiting?!?

Cub has been pretty awesome for me - verging on life changing.

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Life changing sounds great, best of luck with that!

I'm not buying any DEC right now, just not spending what I earn. And ya, I hope to see it go down a bit before I buy any :-)

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I'm struggling to find the time to play ATM, compared to Cub it's just not worth my time playing anymore!

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I know that feeling, might be a big part of the reason I dropped most of my other games. Splinterlands is actually fun to me first and only for earning/investment second. Everything else though... rather underwhelming ;-)

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I'm just too busy with the land and other stuff to play, something had to give.

I do try to drop in the odd game every now and then, but it's depressing slipping back down the leagues from not playing, you lose some of the buffs and have to rethink which cards to use!

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It seems that good developer effort is a bottleneck for many projects out here, not only for Exode. Perhaps you guys need a project that delegates out more trivial development tasks to a task pool or something along those lines?

As for CubDefi, I guess the blazing pace of an update every day couldn't last forever. But I do wonder why the audit hasn't come out yet...

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Aye, was wondering myself. It sounded like it was right around the corner several times now but it still didn't get published...

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The Splinterlands' market is at really make or break point IMO. I am curious to see if my prediction will come true. In time before Collection-power-era, I noticed how Collection Power will drive markets sky high and then die simply bcs no-one will be motivated to sell own cards.

All is looking juicy for holders of Splinterlands cards at nowadays markets. I am selling too.

Congratulations on that GFL!! I am yet to see my first Almo... :)

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Oh man I like the Almio Cambio Gold Foil :-). It looks like a useless card at first sight but I think in some games it can be quite a powerful tank, like the poison rule.

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It's a bit more situational than some of the other legendary tank options, but in the right rulesets it's probably an awesome choice!

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