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It was a holiday in Germany on Thursday and I had a friend visit up until today so I was absent from Hive for a few days. I had initially planned to prepare and release my Play2Earn report before my friend would show up but ultimately failed to do so in time. Since I'll be pretty busy throughout the day as well, I decided to just put up my numbers for the week and talk these through real quick. Other than that, I won't do the detailed look at my projects that I usually do. If all goes well, I should be back to my daily flurry of articles starting tomorrow. So without further ado, here are my gains for the week:


I'm really happy with my token gains across the board. I've been more consistent in writing my daily article again and it shows in the amount of tokens gained. I'm also getting more and higher votes on my articles in average recently, so I feel like I'm definitely on track there. I've crossed the 100,000 SPT mark which made me think about stopping to accumulate more of it for a while. Ultimately, I've decided against it, though, as there just isn't any real demand for it at the moment and I'd only make a few cents daily out of converting it to something else. If Splinterlands ever adds any actual use to it I'm quite confident that its value should go up substantially, so just getting more instead of giving in to my number bias feels like the right thing to do.

I've also started to buy LENM again. Project @liotes has been pretty amazing so far and I both want to keep supporting the project but also stay in the area where I'm eligible for its voting account. Some people probably expected to see crazy growth out of it but that was never the plan nor was it realistic. Their whole concept is aiming at creating value in the long term, cleverly stacking different layers on top of each other and quite frankly, I find that to be a lot more appealing than the "get rich quick" schemes we are seeing so many of at the moment.


A few quick words on Splinterlands - my referral rewards are going totally crazy at the moment. One day, I've logged in to another 70,000 credits earned just during a single night. Several of my referrals have been buying plots of lands as well as seemingly hundreds of booster packs. I've considered buying some more plots with it myself but since I already have 1010 plots, I've decided to stick with getting more cards for my collection. It's amazing to see the value of my account go up and up every day and I'm really looking forward to the announcement of an announcement. I still have no idea what to expect but it certainly sounded like they have something huge up their sleeve!

And that's already it. Sorry for missing out on my usual report, I'll do a proper one again next Friday and should also be back with my usual articles during the week. Thank you all for reading and see you next time!

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Congrats on those great referral figures. That's amazing. Are you a member of other gaming communities outside of Hive?

108 LEO in a week is pretty nice too. 😁

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Aye, was really happy with that LEO gain, one of my best so far!

I'm not really engaged anywhere else, Hive was a game changer for me in that regard ;-)

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Wow. That's even more impressive then, if all your referrals are coming from Hive. I didn't think there were that many people active to be honest. 😊

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Awesome numbers, man.. Congratulations! Thanks for the mention of Liotes, appreciate it!

Btw. I have over 55K SPT tokens and I've currently delegated it to monster-curator... Do you have an idea of where to accumulate better?

Nope, doing the same with them, all delegated to monster-curator. I mean realistically, the best play by far would be to vote on Splinterlands content that munster-curator is going to vote after you but timing that would be pretty hard I'd guess ;-)

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since I already have 1010 plots

You will need to employ somebody to manage all these plots lol

Thanks a lot for the shout out for Liotes!

Haha, let's see about it, I did consider taking off a week from work when the whole thing launches, though, will probably take a while to set everything up ;-)

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I only have one ref but that also makes me a decent passive income,
it is crazy to think if you would spend the whole day playing these games you could make a living in a third world country...

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Not only there honestly. Things are moving really fast at the moment, I think we'll get to a point in a few years where this would even be possible in the "1st world".

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One day, I've logged in to another 70,000 credits earned just during a single night.

I wish I got even 10% of what you get on referrals. But it sure does seem like the packs are selling out quite fast since the Untamed packs are almost out. I need to start working on collecting a few more cards before they go out of print.

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Should only be like 6-8 weeks now. But you just made me realize that it'll be a long time without any referral gains once Untamed and Lands have sold out - sadness ;-)

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Yea I think you mentioned it in a previous post. Will this mean that DICE packs will be in the rewards chest?

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I'd think so yes, until they sell out as well at least ;-)

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you are becoming a real whale :D

Still a long way to go for that but I'll give my best ;-)

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next time fortunes are made, is probably in the upcoming bear market. which is, i believe, still a while in the future