Daily Splinterlands Report #488 Quick giveaway inside! April 16, 2021

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Good morning Splinter lovers!

Welcome to my Daily Splinterlands report #488

In my daily post, I talk mainly about Splinterlands including my daily quests and loot chests, tournaments, and exciting decks and gameplay.

Also, the current market stats of LEO and DEC are included from now on. I hope it helps you some time.

  • The current season has almost ended guys! Only 5 mins left!
  • This season I tried my best but fighting in the last hour has become so scary that after securing 10 packs I just left playing. I think 1 day before the season end is the best time to rank up, what do you think about it?
  • Only 5 minutes left for this season to end and the new one to begin with. I hope you all are already fighting well in the leader board. Best of luck to all of you!
  • My current rating is 3887 trophies at the moment and I am in diamond I, fighting for top positions but don't think i can secure those 10 packs this time.
  • DEC bar is at 75%. I will now let it rest and refill.

DEC market:

Dec is currently moving around 0.001414 HIVE (0.00086$).


LEO market:

Leo is currently moving around 1.266 HIVE (0.771$).


Quest Rewards:

Today I got a sniper Quest again and finished it with my Wizard and Zaku. Below is today's quest rewards followed by the previous day's rewards.



Few tips for new players.

  1. Make sure your range monsters that are also known as SNIPE are good enough so that you can beat your enemies without fail.
  2. Magic is a strong decider of wins. So, each battle should have at least one magic monster at least. No abilities game can be changed to your favor if you have a good magic monster.
  3. Speed is necessary for wins except in the reverse speed rule.

Neoxian guild status:-

We are currently holding the sixth position, and we are a max level guild.

no quests remain as we have reached the last quest level - 10. We are getting +20% DEC for every ranked match win and +10% dec shop bonus currently. We have to upgrade our quest guild again next season so that we can move to this last tier.

Giveaway Corner:-

I will give a random card to the first right answer to my question below. Answer in the comment section of this post.

The winner of the last post are @mercurial9, @jfang003 and @cryptoargonaut7. Sent you all a Wave Runner each.

Also, thanks for the continuous support @gregory-f. Sent you a rare untamed TRUTHSPEAKER.

Today's question:-

Which 3 mana monster has BOTH the heal and cleanse ability?

Remember, only the first comment holder will get the prize.
Upvote, follow or reblog is not necessary but highly appreciated as it will help more players with their decks.

Alright, guys! See you in my next post.
Until then, keep fighting with your best!

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Like @riandeuk said, I am not sure if it is tank heal or Triage so I will guess Herbalist since it has triage + cleanse.

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Yeah, only other viable option. May the best win ;-)

Don't think any does, but truthspeaker has tank heal so I think that's the one you meant :-)