Sixteen Percent- 💯 a great deal!!

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There are a lot of excellent communities on Hive, and it’s cool to see more and more popping up!

One, of the most popular and vibrant communities on the Hive Blockchain is @leofinance! I really like the community vibe, and the development is off-the-charts. I’m sure you’ve heard of all the crazy awesome things happening over there!

So, for these reasons and more, I decided to show them my support. It has been a no-brainer to delegate my Hive to @leo.voter.

I started with a small amount of my stake, but throughout the year, I’ve substantially increased my delegation.

In return, I get an approximate 16% return, paid daily in Leo! The amount of tokens change everyday, depending on some formula. I also get a pretty healthy upvote at times.

I love the benefits of my @leo.voter delegation, but it also lends support to the platform.

Delegation plays a significant role in upvote and curation rewards, but, most importantly, it increases Resource Credits. This supports the onboarding efforts. Leofinance can create “free” Hive accounts and grow the community.

If you believe in LeoFinance, this is the ultimate win-win!

Thanks for stopping by!

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I been delegating to them for a while now..

Leo is one of the main tribes I support.

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