Using Splinterlands As A Crypto Faucet!

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Not only is @splinterlands a great game, it is also a great way to earn some crypto!

Ranked Battles

With every victorious ranked battle, you are rewarded with the in-game currency, Dark Energy Crystals, or DEC. The ammount varies, depending on your win streak and capture rate.

Daily Quests

Each day brings a new challenge, in the form of a daily quest. You are challenged to win five battles by using a specific splinter, or three battles without neutral monsters. If you complete the task, you are rewarded with DEC, potions, and or rewards cards.

Season Rewards

Every battle and quest is played within a “season.” Each season is around two weeks and players battle to move up in rank and league! When the season ends, your rewards are determined by the league you finish in. The rewards can be DEC, potions, and cards. It then starts all over...

Now What?

So, you’ve won some battles, completed some daily quests, and successfully concluded a season- now what to do with the spoils? You can either keep the cards to build your collection, sell them on the market, or convert them to add them to your newly acquired stack! And now that you have a bunch of DEC, you can choose to convert them by using MetaMask or Hive-Engine!

Splinterlands is a fun and addictive game, and with the right redemption strategy, you can use it like a “faucet” to earn your favorite cryptocurrency!

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Never thought of it that way but your right it is like a faucet. A paid faucet but none the less one.

It is incredible how much money this game can generate. Many projects on HIVE are great passive income sources to swap into other coins.

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You are right. When your team is tune up your progress in the higher league can generate lot of rewards.