dec404 is Open - Splinterlands Rental Accounts are Back!

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dec404 allows card owners to put their idle cards into use and allows players to have access to decks that they normally wouldn't be able to play.

Now that collection power is live and we can see some of how it's working, we have decided to open dec404 to the general Splinterlands public.

How it Works

In version 1, a card owner delegates cards to a gamer account. A player gets access to the gamer account through the posting key and completes quests to get as high a ranking as possible. Rewards are split 50/50 as follows:

  • Rewards cards are sent to dec101 for burn value + 1%
  • Pack rewards are opened and cards are sent to dec101 for burn value + 1%
  • Rewards DEC are then totaled and split 50/50 between the owner and the player
  • Potions are ignored because they are not transferable

In future versions, we plan to tokenize both the delegations and rewards to even out rewards distributions among all participants.

Card Owners

Delegate a playable deck at a given league level to a gamer account. Playable decks must include 4 out of 5 elemental splinters, neutral monsters, and at least one dragon summoner.

Playable deck minimums:

  • Silver splinters: 4 commons, 4 rares, 2 epics, 40,000 collection power
  • Gold splinters: 4 commons, 4 rares, 2 epics, 1 legendary, 150,000 collection power
  • Diamond splinters: 6 commons, 6 rares, 3 epics, 2 legendaries, 325,000 collection power

Neutral splinters may have 1 less monster at each rarity level, e.g. 3 commons, 3 rares, 1 epic for Silver splinters.

Obviously, the more complete the deck, the better total rewards will be. Each owner will have to decide what the right balance for rewards and deck cost is.


Only human players are welcome. Do not bot these accounts.

Players commit to completing at least 6 quests per week. Playing in tournaments to maximize rewards is encouraged.

How to Join - Card Owners

  • Method 1: Join our discord at and ask for an account to delegate to.
  • Method 2: Reply to a dec404 post asking for a gamer account to delegate to. I'll send you an encrypted memo with the account to delegate to.

How to Join - Players

Ways to Get Banned

  • Bot your gamer account
  • Whine about card selections
  • Whine about your player
  • Annoy your player or owner to the degree that I hear about it

No communication between owners and players will be facilitated. If you want to figure things out on your own, you take your own risks.

These terms will be kept up to date in the event of any changes. You may use this post for reference.

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Congrats on the release, @nealmcspadden (and @gerber). It's good to see another window of opportunity open again.

Thanks! The more options people have to get involved, the better.

is there a way to keep the reward cards? I have been delegating to 5 different accounts and am letting players play but am doing it all manually.

I like keeping the cards as it allows me to build up a nice collection to grow those accounts. For now I have just been splitting evenly what we get and its working but its a lot of manual effort.

How do you guys make money on this by the way?

is there a way to keep the reward cards?

No, all cards are sent to dec101. Manual processes make it impossible to scale.

How do you guys make money on this by the way?

We make a small percentage through the dec101 system.