Winning this morning. Splinterlands GFL.

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I logged on this morning and was enjoying seeing my $CUB balance had grown nicely over night as has my $HIVE and $LEO.

Logged onto splinterlands to do my daily quest and was just catching up on life in general.

Then, BAM!!!

I had obviously sold a legendary card over night on my alt @splinterlands account as it went from 500 to 18,000 DEC overnight. I don't play on this one every day as I don't have time and it's only in silver. Doesn't have great cards.

So since I was feeling good, I decided to buy some extra Untamed packs from the @splinterlands market and this never happens to me.

In three years of plating and grinding daily I have received one gold foil legendary ever and that is with the purchase of a few thousand packs.

So when I saw the card light up yellow I already felt great for making a profit on the pack but when it flipped over and shone, I was ecstatic.

Just from investing earnings back into the game I got a bog win.


Untamed pack. 2000 DEC or about $1.20
GFL Gloridax Magus $65 or 100,000 DEC.
A 50x return on the pack. A nice morning turned into a great morning.

That card is going straight over to my main account where I have a good few gold's to add to the arsenal.

Great way to start the day.

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Holy shit everything is coming up Nial!

I would go get a lottery ticket, buy a random shitcoin in case your luck continues, and wear a helmet in case it changes!

Great morning dood.

It's been a good week so far but we all know that in crypto green turns to red very fast so i'll go get my helmet.

A gold legendary!! Looks like one of the new ones as well most likely would sell for a good amount!

Any GFL is a good card to turn. They don't come up very often. I've bought thousands of packs and this is my second.

I've noticed this as well. Use to get golds like clockwork a year ago. more people playing.


I have 2 GFL's - one from untamed airdrop and one from daily rewards

It's awesome when you get one ;)

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It is a great feeling when you turn one. Hope we see lots more of them in future.