Splinterland's land sale, Hive price vs DEC pump and my giveaway.

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I think everyone now aware of the splinterland's land sale that is going to start on November 7 16:00 UTC. In this land sale Splinterland's team is honoring 1000 DEC equivalent to $1. As of this DEC got quite pumped up and 1000 DEC now trading at > 90 cents as their usual price of 50 cents to 80 cents normally.


Obviously as expert marketing strategy Splinterland's team is giving big discount on bulk land purchase in form of tract and region and also giving a guaranteed special buildings like "Keep" or "Castle".


Getting "Keep" or "Castle" for a tract and region is some clever move that will motivate players to get tract and region instead of buying individual plots. Buying a tract and region also guarantees a custom title too.

What's my dilemma ?
So if you see on above picture that getting a tract require $850 or in short 850K in DEC (obviously you should use DEC only, despite of pump DEC is still available below 95 cents, a minimum discount of 5%)

So I have 400K DEC with me and enough funds to buy 250K DEC if Hive reach the value of 20 cents,(Still have fund in Hive and poor price of Hive is killing me). So if Hive reach 20 cents then it still only make 400+250 =650K and I still short of 200K. But I am not worrying about last 200K because If I get 650K then I can decide to liquidate some of my other holdings (including untamed booster packs, Unused legendary summoners and few orbs and token to sell) and + option to take some loan for it. But Hive price need to recover first.

My Giveaway
First five, who reblogs and comment on this having more than 100 followers (if you don't have 100 followers, don't worry if your account look's engaged in Hive, I can consider on my discretion) will get 200 DEC each provided Hive crosses 20 cents before this post pay out.

Block chaining my commitment made on Neoxian Discord
I also promised @sayee and @Xawi 500 DEC each ,if Hive crosses 25 cents before the end of October 2020.

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Please feel free to upvote ,reblog and comment and a little prayer for Hive to recover soon.

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This is a huge investment of buying into a Tract. Currently, I've not thought of buying into any land, thought I have some Gold foil cards that I do not use and can be converted for DECs. Do you think that I should converted my Gold Foil Cards and others for DECs and invest into the Land Sale. In between you have a Nice strategy I must say. Good luck with your investment. Cheers

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DEC is currently pumped and if you do not want to buy land then I will say this is right time to sell DEC or buy cards from market using DEC or convert them into credits for future use. (Don't buy packs and booster from DEC as they are always fixed at 2000 DEC).

My thinking is very clear on land, either I will buy big (a tract) or no land at all. So high chance If I Hive do not recover I can dump this DEC in market too and buy a single plot symbolically.

The investment is huge so decided to pool withmy guid memebers... they jave not comeuo with a plan yet byt I am sure they will very soon...
DEC is I guess trading ag his all time high...
Rebologed also...

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I am interested to know how they will be dividing the tracts and region afterwards.

Waiting for the update from guid....

I think Land is going to sell out very quickly. There are many guilds pooling funds.

I am also in same kind of notion.

Lands will make as property holders and will allow craft magic things within the Splinterlands. Hopefully there will be enough land for everyone.

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I guess there is lot of land but only issue is price increasing after each round. So many are going to become digital land owner in this game. Till now I feel players have interest in acquiring this "Digital land".


You need to find someone else to go halves with on a tract, that's my advice!

It's been interesting watching this pump!

Generous of you be giving away DEC at this time!

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I will keep eye on splinterland's Discord but their initial post goes as below"

There will be three types of tokens - PLOT, TRACT, and REGION - representing claims to a single plot, tract (100 plots) and region (1000 plots) respectively.

If a Tract or Region is purchased in the presale, then the purchaser will receive a single TRACT or REGION token which can only be redeemed for actual land plots once the expeditions are completed, which will be many months out, as we have mentioned in the previous section.

Looks like ,you cannot divide land in tract and region until it is opened completely. Once opened then it will be question who will take "Keep/Castle" and who will take which type of lands. If they redeem tract with 100 plots then pooling make sense (every one take plot and based on luck whatever the user get when redeeming plot.). otherwise it is just going to a difficult procedure to distribute the "actual land" after redeeming tracts /region.

Yes fair point, but it's not an insurmountable obstacle to get some cheap land!

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Yes, I'm also considering a tract. But would have to sell other crypto for the DEC. I have tended to spend on cards as I make it.

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Thanks for sharing! - @yonilkar

This is interesting, let's see how the future will go.

reblogged. @spinvest will likely build a pool to buy Land

Thanks for telling me. I will check their post.