Will it ever happen? BTC to 100k, HIVE to $10, SPS to $1....


As of today, the total crypto currency market has a capital of $995,795,872,262.393 less than a Trillion dollar. Although at the very beginning of this year, we saw a rapid growth in the market cap of crypto which reached to a peak of almost 3 Trillion dollars in the month of January. Which answered many unspoken question, which came from various people, institutions and so on. The market speaks for itself!

The present situation of the whole crypto market is under the radar. Lots of unpredicted incidents took place in the last few months which were un accountable for. Crypto suddenly became the talk of the town. Almost every comment which came out from the mouth pf people outside crypto were NEGATIVE. Yes, the market dropping from 3 Trillion to 1 Trillion is definitely a shocking news to bear.

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Before the pump took place on BTC in late 2021, there was a buzz going on in 2020, about the fact whether or not BTC is going to cross 20K in the coming days! During those times the price of BTC was lurking around 10 Thousand USD per BTC, . There were countless people out there who were escalating the fact about BTC and this monetary system is fake and scam. There were countless accusations against crypto and also suggestions were made to ban crypto. But little did they know what was about to come in the coming days. Keeping all the buzz aside BTC started to rise at a steady pace from mid 2020 and keeping that run going even the next year moving the price up to an all time high for BTC. We all know what happened after that and what is happening till now.

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The crypto industry saw many unfortunate incidents happening in the last few months. UST crashing a stable coin going into the gutter, following LUNA going down that path of destruction was one of the prime reason for this down side of crypto. Not only that the entire world is at chaos due to Russia pulling the strings and not only crypto but the whole world's economy is taking a back lash. Coming to the BIG question :

What will happen to CRYPTO, when every issues gets sorted out?

Are we seeing a pattern here! People not understanding crypto at the initial stage. Blaming crypto at every stage, slowly adoption happens by few of those OG's. Thus the market slowly rises from almost zero cap. People starts to follow the crowd. The rush start, some wicked people takes advantage of the early situation thus newbies invest in false projects under false presumption. Those projects goes away leaving the market and crypto to blame. Slowly market recovers and we see an ATH and than again few other incidents happens and again market and crypto is to blame. While the new phase of crypto is being written atm. Who knows what is going to happen but if you are in crypto for some time than you should be aware of what future awaits for you.

  • HIVE

The ever growing blockchain which has been thriving since its inception. Hive a fork of Steem is known by us all. The development seen on Hive blockchain has been pretty big compared to many other forks happened on the blockchain. There was hope and dedicated userbase of HIVE which helped HIVE thrive so much and have arrived to this day. HIVE has seen its share of price going up and down but the way its going and the people who are behind it, we all are slowly rising to the peak.

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Of all the incidents which we have seen, all I can say for myself is whatever goes up, it eventually comes down! But the most vital point in those words lies on the infrastructure of the coins. Which is, even the coin/token may come down to its price but whether or not it has the ability to move back up with its tech, asset, dev and most importantly userbase. If this particular point checks out, I should say we are good to go. While during this moment the a phase keeps on going. The phase of accumulation.

  • If the price of a coin/token is down, collect it at low price and built your portfolio. Just DYOR and dive in! If you choose the right coin/token you are blessed.

There were accusations against HIVE and its Tech but as where we stand now firm and solid we can easily say, we are on the right track :)

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When Hive fell down to the range of $0.10, there were people saying, it is the end for HIVE. But growing from that phase and crossing the mark of $3 was indeed a fascinating journey to watch. I might be speculative but HIVE blockchain has huge potential. Reaching to $10 might take some time but the growth is going to be immense in the coming days. Till then keep on accumulating. Many more Dapps are going to be built in this chain and users are slowly scouring into the chain making it reach to the peak in the coming days.

  • Splinterlands

There is no saying about the fact how Splinterlands has been one of the back bone of HIVE blockchain. The game has connected thousands of users and the growth on the game has been immense.

Check out Splinterlands https://splinterlands.com?ref=rehan12

The governance token of Splinterlands is currently taking a hit. The price has fallen quite a lot. But the development phase of the team has been going great. I am collecting SPS & DEC to maximize my assets and have a plan to hold it for long term. Since there are much more development to take place we are going to see some changes happening to the token and the game.

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Are you seeing what is happening. Although the numbers are probably not accurate but in reality they are much higher. So either way the growth is happening.

My point which I am trying to prove is, there will always be users/people who will try to pull down a growing industry which they do not understand. In the mean time, there are those who collects the opportunity that they have been given and make the best use of it. And no one can predict what is going to happen in the coming days. But believe in the upcoming technology and what difference it is already making! DYOR and you will know what to do. As it is your money and your profit/loss.

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