A good time to buy DEC?

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I'm glad I tuned in to @nealmcspadden's Monsters show last night, it gave me a possible theory to explain the relatively recent pump in the DEC price, and more importantly, why that higher price is sustaining.

Screenshot 2020-09-16 at 06.38.55.png

It's all about Land (and a few other 'tings)

More specifically it's about the upcoming pre-sale being not that far away, and the details how much parcels of land are going to cost.

The figures below factor in the 50% pre-sale discount.

  • One unit of land is going to cost 10 000 DEC
  • 100 units are going to cost 850 000 DEC (with a 15% discount)
  • 1000 units (called a block I think) are going to cost 750 000 000 DEC (with a 25% discount)

Given that land is going to be where you mine/ craft items etc. land is effectively the basis of your Splinterlands 'capital' (in economic terms I'm talking here, but who knows, maybe even in terms of your 'virtual land capital') - so I imagine there is going to be significant demand for Land going forwards.

There's some good potential for profit here - even if you just bought 10 plots of land with that 50% pre-sale discount you should be able sell on individual plots of land very easily for 14K (rather than 20K which will be the regular cost), meaning an instant 20% profit, even with all of the whale investors selling having benefited from that further 25% bulk buy discount.

But of course it's even more profitable to go for the pre-sale discount if you buy 100 or 1000 blocks, and I think that's what explains the buoyant DEC price - it's larger players trying to reach that 750 M figure, and middling players like me trying to reach that 850K target, maybe even smaller players trying to get to 10, 20 or 30K Dec to make sure they've got a few plots of land rather than just one.

Then one has to factor in the DEC being burned from DICE purchases, so you have.a restricted supply pushing the price up further.

And we can maybe factor in some people taking profits from LEO and buying DEC with it, or even people looking at the HIVE price and thinking 'sinking ship' let's buy another (probably soon to be) cross chain token.

I think it's a good time to buy, I just picked up another actually I forget how much, another 120K I think it was.

The only thing making me buy in gradually is the large amount of DEC being held by one of those TH accounts. There could be a sizable dump at some point any time!

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I didn't know about this. There are too many things to invest in. It's going to be interesting to see how the game goes with quite a few people getting frustrated by the latest changes.

The new league prizes might make them feel a little better...!

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so how much are you at right now?
why not look to get a syndicate going to buy the land as a group?
That 850k should be easy, that 7.5 mil might be a bit harder

A syndicate's a great idea, I would only do it with people I know, ideally met too!

I've got 720K, so I'm definitely purchasing at that 850K level - however, I'd like some DEC left over to buy all the other shit you're going to need to build on the land!

The only thing putting me off is that i think with the pre-sale, you don't know what you're getting, and I'd feel very uncomfortable randomising the distribution - I'd hate to be the one that ended up with all the shit plots in a group, that'd irritate me for ages!

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I would only do it with people I know, ideally met too!

Well that would put me in the group, lol. I share the sentiment though.

I am sitting around 150k so that is us already at 850.
The next is just spitballing here but:

  • We could try and manage it like the nextcolony system.
  • maybe even make a token for it.
  • If this thing takes off, put in a manager and share the loot for a fee?

I can throw this in the group from the Germans in the Legendary Dragons & Whelps guilds

Sounds like a plan to me!

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Maybe becouse the price of Hive is dropping and DEC is basicly pegged to the upper end.

Have you checked the price in dollar terms.

Here is a chart for august


I hadn't done, but that looks like a pretty stable price trend to me!

I did put some lower limit buys in, but just got impatient - and the fact that you can now sign in via MetaMask kind of makes me think the price might just go BOOM at some point.

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Glad it was worth tuning in! :)

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Of course had I waited to buy until after breakfast I would have got it about 3% cheaper.

Good show last night!

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I will continue to buy DEC every day until the pre-sale is finally here. And I am not looking to make a quick profit by selling those land plots again but by producing resources on the land and sell those on the market.



That's my plan, get a regular income going!

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Thanks for the heads up! I've been looking forward to lands, so I'm going to have to start stacking up as well to take advantage of that presale!

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