Splinterlands Rental Market looks buoyant

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Following the introduction of Power ratings based on the value of cards a player holds (owned or rented) there are some nice annual returns to be made on renting some Splinterlands cards, I guess as players try to lease sufficient cards to allow them to play in higher leagues.

I was messing around last night renting out some of the extra cards I'm holding as pure investments, and was rather surprised to find there are such good ROIs on them, mainly the Legendaries, and surprisingly good returns for L1 cards.

In fact for some L1 cards, the percentage return is better than for the maxed cards and even maxed summoners!

For example:

Scale Doctor.JPG

NB the return rates are monthly, and as far as I'm concerned a 30% annual ROI is excellent.

The prices of cards seem quite low ATM, probably because everyone is stacking DEC for LAND, and given the cheap card prices I just bought a few cards,

  • 3 Corneleus at around $2.60,
  • 1 Vigilator at around $1
  • 1 Scale Doctor at around $1
  • 3 Gloridax Soldiers - a great rental return on L1 cards and these are cheap at $0.60.

In each case I bought enough so I can combine them in the future to Level 2 cards, which might be helpful in retaining a return, and there's certainly scope for them to double in price, they've all been around there not so long ago.

I just had a limit buy for Hive fill, so I used some of it to buy more DEC - rather than take some out of my LAND stack. I'm only 40K off 500 000 DEC, if only my L6 Alric would sell, I'll get there.

In the meantime I quite like the idea of having a decent amount of cards rented, and using that income to purchase more cards, saving my DEC for land.

L5 chickens have a pretty good rental rate too btw! That's nearer 100% annual ROI!

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Hmmmm.... ponders

its really tempting to give the renting market a try.
Unfortunately I'm pretty sure the only cards I have which are worth renting are the ones I use regularly.

Ideally you want legendaries, I only use my spares!

Legendary gold foils are where the party's at. At the end of the season, I'll find out if it was worth the investment