Good News for Steem Investors: Splinterlands and Steemit #1 and #2 rated dApps on State of the DApps Ratings!

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Update on State of the Dapps website pertaining to Steem blockchain:

DAPP means Decentralized Applications
Did you know SteemMonsters and Steemit are the 1st and 2nd highest DAPPS in all of Cryptocurrency?
As @theycallmedan announced on Twitter

The people have spoken


The Steem blockchain has the top two dAPPS in crypto

Splinterlands and Steemit #1 and #2 rated dApps on State of the DApps Ratings!

State of the Dapps an unaffiliated website which catalogues all the decentralized applications on any blockchain, Ethereum is a major player. But Steem has two of the top ten Dapps in all of crypto! Splinterlands is number one and Steemit is number two in all of Crypto!

If you look at the top ten Dapps in all of Crypto by USERS Three of them are on the Steem blockchain with Next Colony and APPICS being number 10 and number 11 respectively.


I ask you to step back and think about that for a few minutes, but I want you to think about it in this context:the majority of cryptocurrency projects have zero working Dapps! They have promising technology in the works, but no functional products. Which means zero users. Steem has 2 of the largest Dapps in all of Crypto. We probably have one of the largest collections of working Dapps on any blockchain other then Ethereum.

Binance Listing

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New technology companies common go through periods when they are struggling to survive with insufficient user base, negative cash flow and poor valuation. They have to survive the phase of introducing and debugging their cutting edge technologies or ideas. Then grow their cash flow and user base. Steem is a cutting edge blockchain with new technology struggling to live up to its potential. But Steem has hundreds of functional applications, thousands of actual users and 18 of the busiest Dapps in all of Crypto. Steem has already achieved things that the majority of cryptocurrency projects can only dream of right now. Steem is much more the just virtual potential, Steem is virtual reality.

When people ask me if I have faith in the future of Steem to be a great blockchain. I say Steem is a great blockchain. It is an undiscovered treasure, we are lucky enough to be here in the beginning years, we can hold and accumulate Stake here and be part of something historic.

Stay thirsty for knowledge my friends.

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I agree with you @shortsegments. People want to focus upon how bad things are and completely miss the boat. It is easy to believe the grass is greener everywhere else when, in fact, no blockchain DApp is really getting a ton of users.

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Agreed, it’s easy to focus on the perceived or actual failures and miss the successes. I know this project isn’t perfect, but neither is Bitcoin! 🤣. Mammade things seldom are....

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in top 15 there are 4 steem dapps that's a great milestone we are moving in right direction :)

I agree, utility is one of the few objective measures of potential longevity and success. I think as long as the number of people using the block chain based applications continues to increase, our chance of success does also.

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It’s very impressive to read that we have so many functioning applications and a good user base for them.🌔🚀

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