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My first week journey into the Hive platform.

Remember to take jokes lightly this is just a parody of my first week on the hive platform

There may be miss spellings and grammatical errors, is what it is. I'm not a professional writer after all

As I sat in my kings throne, on the eve of a new year, a very long time ago in dog years. I stumbled upon a game called Splinterlands. Witch I find similar to Magic the gathering’s stack system. tis a good thing because I like magic. But yay, there was a problem. I was bronze lvl and the grinding was incredibly slow. Then I thought to myself maybe I'm doing something wrong and I should do a little digging for strategies and a guiled to improve my game play. (A bit of foreshadowing It went a lot deeper, hints why I'm here but shhh that’s a secret for later, don’t tell anyone) From my research I learned about the Splinterlands discord and decided to join the community and see what was going on. It was really nice. I found a guild and another player let me barrow some cards and now I'm a master and know everything in the universe.... at bronze 2... so ok I don’t know everything, but I am learning a lot.


From my digging I also learned that DEC was tradable and then my old PHD in Runescape trading kicked in. Thinking if I can trade my currency in a way to earn more, I could finally afford a pack of cards! Seeing as I earn 1 or 2 DEC if I win a match id have to play like 1000+ games... so I came up with a scheme, a master of all plans, I had to get some of this so called “hive” . Then to get DEC and learn how to trade it effectively. But, I was faced with obstacles. They ATTACKED me at every angle! One I used the ETH network and I have low funds and gas would totally lock my account out at 20 dollars in gas fees with me only having like 7 bucks left. Two I had no idea how to get this so called “hive” Twas a grim day. But!! I was persistent I needed that hive, for my game, for my life, for my pride! So I got a hive wallet, I spent half a day trying to figure it out. Months in dog years. Until... I found out there was just a button in the keychain wallet that looks like a triangle that takes you to a deposit site. Hiding in plain site with no description or light box function... very clever foe I thought to myself. HAHA victory! I quickly bout all the hive I could 50. I'm a marvel! a millionaire! I will rule greatly and all the women will love me and my daddy will be proud of me again. My kingdom will thrive once again.

hiv button.JPG

I then took a bit to ponder what I shall do with my new riches. Of course, I wouldn’t want to spent them to hastefully and make a mistake. I must evaluate the environment. Understand the power I have bestowed upon myself and the opportunities that await me. More research was required. I took a look at many coins in a land called Hive engine. Did my best to look through the ancient archive of YouTube. I talked to many of the inhabitance of The Hive community. Then found out about Leo. I quickly traveled to the land of Leo and was ready to test my old Runescape skills. Buy things at low price and sell them for more. To my surprise, it worked.


Talking further with Hivonians proved very successful. They understand my new fascination in crypto. They introduced me to another game called dcity and now my Kingdom is flourishing with a brewery, a park we can drink at, a very cramped home with me, 8 other immigrants and a stylish go getter with fancy working skills. We are few, but we are a drunk and happy people. This will do for now till I figure out a way to gain more income to support them and my Splinterland card pack gambling addiction. They don’t say much about it, they understand. They will cheer for me once I am winning more battles and able to bring wealth to our lands. My popularity is low but I except that. However, Steve the worker is very populate and for joe the homeless... well we don’t talk about joe. Nevertheless, my people are gracious even through famine. we get by with a mix of a liquid diet of beer and yeast we collect from the fermentation prosses since we did not plan very well and have a lack of a farm or equipment to make one. But at least we can say nothing goes to waste.


I have plans to grow and stake my Leo fund with hope for a brighter future for me and my people. I'm sure they will be happy with me some day. If anyone would like to help me and my people out, they and I would greatly appreciate it. We are looking for moving carts, chickens, some rubber gloves, and a VCR so we can watch the latest movies.

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A little boost my friend keep it up :)

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Thank you very much :D


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