Another Way Of Accumulating DEC on Splinterlands

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Hi Everyone,

Since I have successful secured my tract from the Splinterland sale, I am now focusing on making my deck a little stronger and accumulating some DEC for future upgrades. I play my daily tasks most days and I would try to drain the % down as much as I can. These few weeks I've been pretty slack due to work commitments but when Christmas holiday comes, I'll going to get back on track with it. Many people just decide to play their dailies and leave it at that. But there are another way to earn DEC. Put your skills and cards to bring more rewards in!

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Tournament are a great way to get some extra DEC. So far over $170K prizes have been awarded and there is over $3000+ in the coming week. There are some for different leagues and if you are a great player, you are in the chance of getting some awesome prizes. I also mention 'luck' as well because it depends who you are paired up it changes things a bit. In the space of 2 weeks, I've been in a few tournaments and was able to get 4 prizes from different placing. That is over 4000+ DEC extra on top of my normal gameplay.

Doesn't sound like a lot because I'm not a great player (I also multitask when I play) so I blame myself for being crap but that is 4000+ extra DEC I received. That's nearly 28 Hive if I sold them on the market at the time of writing. Top players get ALOT more so why not give it a go if you have a chance. There are different leagues available with different prize money, I'm sure there is one out there right for you.

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I have a question, now is better to get the dark energy capture rate below 75%? I'm barely new and read that the best to do is the daily quest and not drain the capture rate below 75% because it just charge 25% a day.

I would like your opinion for a noob in the game haha. What do I do?

Hey mate. Welcome aboard :)
The more you play, the lower your ECR, and the less DEC you earn per win.
It's really up to you how much you play, but I'd warn against overdoing it as it's easy to set a rapid pace and then burn out quickly.
Each match costs 1% of your current ECR, so if you're down to 50% starting a new match will cost 0.5%.
If you got down to 10%, starting a new match would only cost 0.1%; but a win would only get you 10% of what you'd have won at 100%.

Ah ok! That's useful info. Yeah, it's a little difficult to stop playing at 75% ECR because the game it's so vicius and I'm a bad loser and want to keep playing when that happens haha.

I think I would try don't go below 50% to keep having a good ECR. Thanks.

awesome!! how cool is the fact that you earn by playing and by posting about playing in both in leo and hive!

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Dang, you bought a whole tract? Congrats, that is pretty awesome. I have always found tournaments to be really time consuming and I am not that great at the strategy, so I usually have trouble getting any returns versus the amount of time that I have to put into it.

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Nice Job on Getting a TRACT @travelgirl