DEC Prices On The Rise - Timing Is The Key!

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Hi Everyone,

A bit crazy on Hive Engine this week especially the last minute dash for those DEC for Splinterland players. As the first round of land sale is getting closer and closer, people are also seeing how much they are off from their desired purchases. Why I mention in my title timing is the key? Because like most things, the closer to launch date, the more it costs as people either just realise they don't have enough or just decided to join the party at the very last minute.

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I had my heart set on getting a tract so decided to bite the bullet and get whatever I need to make it up to 850K combined with what my friends have or will be sending me this coming week. I bought at a premium price of around 0.006621 Hive per DEC which was 4 days ago. If you check my screenshot I took yesterday, it was already up at 0.00798. A bit crazy right. In a space of 3 days, it has gone up so much! Think it stopped there? Well you are wrong.

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A day later the price has gone up to 0.008385. From 4 days ago the prices have gone up around 25-30% which is crazy!! I regretted not buying more and just re-sell to make a small profit but I guess I should be happy not leaving the last minute to buy the DEC I need. As like the title suggested, timing of any purchases is key. I admit I'm crap at finding the right time just like in real life I am pretty indecisive and I miss out on a lot of markets at the shops so hopefully I will learn slowly. I do kinda wish I started buying when it was around 0.003 but then again you can't go back in time so lets see how much higher DEC will go in the next week.


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Here to remind you all I sold over 300k DEC at 0.002 ;)

Hahahaha I feel you but now you are the man on Dcity!!


But you're making a killing on the war tax you tart lol ;-)

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Current 3 problems of splinterland player:

Land: Not guaranteed at first presale.
DEC: need to buy it, but going very strong.
Hive: Need to sell it for DEC but it is tanking every day.

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Totally agree and it feels like exactly like thatt.


I am in also same boat but no regrets Splinterland give me so much in this blockchain.

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No ones going to be selling DEC on the cheap now as everyone wants to get in on those land buys, I regret selling some back int he day and not buying as much as I could but we live and we learn, I'll pick up a few plots if possible but won;t go all in still need to see how the game mechanic works, but I mean presale you already making double your money so that seems worth the risk

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It is risky but and imagine its like the Untamed situation which we don't want. DEC is too expensive now so I hope you got some plots yourself from a group or during the sale


Im hoping to score some Land from the LP pool and I'll buy a few plots but I'm not going to go wild on it, id much rather invest in other projects

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have you read the latest Splinterlands announcement?

It's now going to be much more difficult for you to get a tract.

I've pretty much decided to opt out! I'll just buy later when the price of land crashes.

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I did and i was a bit disappointed as we are the middle class players so we are in limbo. So you are no 100% out of land apart from what you are getting at uniswap?


Yes I found a pool to go in on - just for 10 plots, so at least I'll have them next to each other!

I'm much happier with the decision, and I've sold some DEC, it's never going to be higher than it is now, after all!

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