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RE: Only 24 Hours Left / Get Those Reward Cards Before The System Is Changed!

in LeoFinancelast year

I actually think that the loot box system will be better for the game overall.
I have seen quite a few people saying that they don't like that idea, but I just guess they are bot owners :D


Loot boxes do have a more gaming feel to them.

I wonder how players will react to earning card skins in them?

Well I know I will be hella mad the first few times I get a skin, since I find most skins uglier than normal ones and they are near worthless at the moment.

But I am sure I will get used to it. Afterall these skins need to run out at some point, and if nobody is buying them then it's the only option I feel like

I'm not looking forward to the skins either.

Hopefully their will be a market for them for those of us wanting to sell.