Arbitrage - HODL & Not Being The Sucker Who Bought BTC

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It has been a great and not so great time regarding so many things. The not so great part comes from lacking liquidity as a small time investor living under his parent's house being a highschool dropout. I have put 99% of my liquid assets (it's not like I own much fixed assets either) into cryptocurrency. But I'm not touching BTC.

I already have a philosophical issue supporting a project that is being dragged down by a centralized development team that doesn't have their interests fully aligned with what is best for the currency and everything cryptocurrency and decentralization stand for. BTC is already outdated on so many levels, it is like expecting to change the world and creating a "Global Village" with the power of dial-up internet. I have been saying this since 2017.

Those rants aside, let's look at some arbitrage opportunity I had few days ago. I didn't have time at the moment to post about it. It's a common investment which I have called a safer and better investment that buy $AAPL

That Was 10.52% Arbitrage Opportunity

The only time where you could possibly be paying a fee is when you deposit your cryptocurrency to the STEEM/HIVE-Engine. It is a 1% fee. But you can make it 0.25% if you decide to use It depends on which DEX you find cheaper rates. This is me sending some of my HIVE to

DEC Can Be Transferred Through @splinterlands

This is a beautiful trick that has been exclusive to DEC as far as I know. There are 4 wallets available. I have only used 2 of them. I assume you may have to pay some Tx fee when using Ethereum or Tron.

Which Cryptocurrency Did You Buy?

Am I happy with how things turned out to be? The answer is yesn't; I would have bought more if I could. It is one of the tragedies if being right yet lacking in resources. I don't know if @khaleelkazi would agree with the point I'm trying to make here. I think LEO is a far superior investment compared to BTC.

There has been so many new projects coming up in the cryptosphere and there has been so many upgrades to the existing projects we had. HIVE DAPPs are a perfect example for that. Yet what do we see when it comes to marketcap:

It Was A Time of Great Speculation

I don't think that time has ended yet. There is much room left for massive gains. What I look for as an investor is the ROI. What can BTC really do? It's supposedly a "Store of Value". But we already have physical gold backed blockchain. We could even have better engineered "Store of Value" blockchains in the future. is an often overlooked project I'm keeping an eye on.

Some Crypto Have Intrinsic Value

One of the arguments people make against BTC and many others is that it has no intrinsic value much like fiat. So far the value proposition of BTC has been around the fact that it is not going to be inflated like central bank fiat currencies. We could do better. We already have so much that is better. Whether you are looking at HIVE, LEO, DEC, BLURT, STEEM, EOS, TRON, Telos or anything similar, you are actually getting something that has a real use case.

One of the easiest uses is that you get abndwidth in a network. You even get to create new accounts for free by burning RC in the case of HIVE and STEEM. DEC can be used to save money on making @splinterlands purchases. DEC is currently $0.00094 on HIVE-Engine. It's almost like buying an Option.

I only brought up options to illustrate the function. Don't get into too technical. Currently an Untamed Booster Pack is worth $2 or 2000 DEC. If I could buy 2000 DEC for $1.88 I can have a 6% discount on the purchase. Can't we just say that at the time of writing, DEC can have upto $0.00006 intrinsic value? Isn't that higher than what BTC does?

What Does LEO Do?

That is not that hard of a question. Ask why we have LEO performing so well even during the times altcoins are getting crushed by BTC. We had and announcement of an announcement and we have an airdrop.

You can use LEO to promote yourself on a popular website/blog:

On top of that I have the income I make from curation. This is a screenshot from Does BTC pay you more BTC for being engaged? I don't think so.

Things are only going to change and get better with the 2021 Roadmap from @leofinance Imagine LEO being part of a DeFi protocol on infrastructure that allow free transactions at 3 second block time is phenomenal.

The owners of HIVE Power have not voted wisely for the DHF.We haven't had our DeFi projects and marketing projects or even development of front ends like that from @stemsocial @quello @ecency @dapplr get proper funding. These are numbers from DHF:

  • DAILY BUDGET: 8,438.085 HBD
  • DAILY FUNDED: 1,278.500 HBD

Why so stingy? What are these guys trying to save up for? You think all these money is going to help when there are 10 other competitors with $20+ billion dollars in funding. alone had $150 million in funds dedicated from EOS ICO. We are counting pennies over nothing. @leofinance is one project that is changing this. That isalso part of the reason I'm going to make the following statement:

It is categorically insane to buy BTC when you can buy LEO.

There you have it on the blockchain. Currently I have $1,080.78 USD worth HIVE and $867.76 USD worth LEO. I'm not expecting a bull run for HIVE for at least another 2-3 weeks. But at the moment, I think LEO will be on one of those investments that will pay off far better than BTC. If you are trying out margin trading, options and other advanced trading, BTC could be the way to go. For simple HODL, out of the cryptocurrencies I am currencly invested in, LEO is the way to go.

Final Great News: Shapeshift Ends KYC

In case you are clueless enough to figure it out yourself; I'm not a financial adviser and these are my educated guesses on the market. If you can't think for yourself and do you own research, you are probably not a good fit to be in these cryptocurrency markets.

Happy Investing!

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That's a great little trade opportunity there. I've been trying to get more of my funds over onto places like Hive Engine for this reason of not missing out on stuff!

I think LEO is a far superior investment compared to BTC.

Can't agree more!!

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