Hivefest talks have me super bullish - We are building! (Hivefest Day 1 recap)

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Think of this as a casual Hive users guide to Hivefest5 talks:

A lot of people were disappointed by the ALTspaceVR glitches on PC. As a meet up, it was kind of a nightmare, but as a conference with information and updates from various projects, Hivefest5 was a massively successful showcase of what we have to offer.

Despite our difficulty in finding a boost in our user base this past year since becoming Hive, our chain is emerging as a potential power player in the move to Web 3.0.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve stopped seeing Hive as a social network, and started seeing it as an underlying protocol for a variety of dApps and use cases, which is what many of the developers have seen it as all along. It’s not to say Hive can’t be social at its core, but eventually so much will be built on the first layer that most of the social and artistic and community stuff will probably move to second layer organically. Hivefest drove that home hard.

I am starting to see Hive almost like a tiny version of a new internet with a built in payment protocol and governance mechanism, and a sign in function (keychain allows us to use our hive login the same way we can use gmail and Facebook to sign in to various websites), and our Hiveapps are like websites on this mini internet. The list of Hiveapps keeps growing.

Hivefest really helped me conceptualize this as something not forced upon us by witnesses and developers but as something that is occurring naturally through the capabilities of the blockchain. Hivefest showcased the progress made over our first year as one of the most decentralized community of communities out there. For the longest time, I wanted the first layer to be a better place for content creators but now I see how much is going on at the second layer and who could complain? This is why the big players at Hive have always been focused on developers. Luckily the social users have stuck around because we help raise awareness which brings in more potential developers and projects.

Though we couldn’t really hang out much in AltspaceVR, @roelandp did a fantastic job bringing the speakers together, hosting in all his quirkiness, and almost pulling off this awesome way to meet up in times when travel is extremely difficult. I don’t blame him for the glitches, this is just an instance of the technology not being ready.

Day 1


The first day was a reminder that while things on the surface move slowly at times, a lot is happening under the hood.

The biggest impression was probably from Hive-engine’s @cryptomancer (if I’m not mistaken @yabapmatt and aggrieved are also involved in this), and the way they are trying to make it easy to build businesses on top of Hive. I don’t understand much about the technicals of smart contracts but I understand how making tokenization easy will allow many different 2nd layer projects to thrive on hive, attracting everything from artists to website developers to business owners. This focus on the second layer make me want to support front-ends like @naturalmedicine who serve a distinct niche and aren’t as far along with developments as something like Leo which has more investment and tech savvy people on board. I hope we can help these front ends find the tech savvy people.

It was great hearing from @howo and @blocktrades and learning that they have over a dozen developers working on the back-end along with the other hive developers and that there are over 100 developers working on hive based dApps. For a small community we sure have a lot going on.

I also like this idea from the next Hard fork of expiring governance votes after a long period of inactivity. I hope services like could implement that as well. It’s kind of strange to see inactive users still throwing their weight around.

I’m a big fan of @jarvie and Peakd and so their plans for a smartphone app is really exciting. Their work on analytics has been fantastic as well. They mentioned something about marketing being on their roadmap and they have been consistently the best way to access the entire hive blockchain in a user friendly way so I am happy to see that as part of their plans. They are looking for a developer or two so if you know someone who might be interested, please contact them, I’d love to see their future developments soon!

@ecency has done great with their app too and @good-karma is always really responsive towards feedback. It will be interesting to see how these two apps evolve along side each and seeing the different paths they take.

The gaming is somewhere where I don’t spend much of my focus but I thought @yabapmatt’s plan to onboard users through light-accounts first and incentivizing people to sign up at Hive from there is a really good play and as I’ve said before, the quality of music and art on that game is impressive.

Nice to see how new games are developing, @qwoyn showed off Hash Kings, I love the idea of strengthening the weedcash community at Hive because I think that whole scene has a natural overlap with crypto, and I’d love to see more countries opening up to it.

I loved how @themarkymark brought up the way he presents Hive to others because I think we need to do more to integrate our work at hive with our other interactions with friends, work and social media rather than trying to PREACH hive to people. If you are going to preach, turn it into a seminar for content creators or people looking to get into crypto or some niche and how hive can benefit them. Otherwise just make it fun and seamless with your life off-chain.

I already am mixing up things I learned from Hive-engine and Hive keychain but Hive Keychain has been essential in making Hive more user friendly and it making it easier to conceptualize how we are moving towards Web 3.0 so props to @stoodkev

And while the whole wrapping of coins seems a little ridiculous to me when ETH fees are so high, it will be an important thing in the future so I’m glad we have a head start thanks to @fbslo.

In summary

There was no huge stand out speaker for me in Day 1 but rather a bunch of impressive projects with real development going on and a more and more cohesive vision which is incredibly impressive due to the fact that we have no centralized leadership and a ton of different ideas and opinions. It seems there is enough overlap in our overall goals that we are able to put aside our differences enough to have a little functioning society here which means we will be able to build a strong foundation to keep evolving and represent a variety of different users and projects with different prerogatives. Even the strongest on the platform seem less interested in holding on to power and more interested in the potential of what we can build.

While I always think it’s important to maintain some healthy skepticism, it seems we are in safer hands than we have ever been, we are essentially in our own hands.

That’s why I’m watching the BTC/Hive price carefully and getting ready to buy more Hive. With competent people all over the place who are able to communicate and build consensus, I am happy to have a little less bitcoin and become a bigger player at this amazing platform which has become home for me.

Day 2 write-up coming soon....

EDIT: Part 2!



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Hi @jarvie / @peakd,
What did you have in mind for the mobile App?

In theory, you could re-use the website and from the same source code generate a hybrid App using Cordova or Ionic. That wouldn't be too hard.

The problem though is that Peakd may be considered a gambling App by Apple and Google.

  • Google does not allow gambling apps on the Play store.

  • Apple allows them but they're rejecting hybrid apps because they claim they want to review the code of the app and prevent injection of code that they did not review (trivial with a <script> tag that loads JS from a server).

You probably want to build a cross-platform App in order to reduce cost and time to market (single code base, single team).
For these reasons above, you would have 2 options:

  1. Just make the peakd website compliant with the PWA (Progressive Web Application) requirements (service workers, caching, offline support, etc). In this way users will be able install it on their devices directly from the mobile site like they would download an App from the store. (you cannot publish a PWA on the stores)


  1. Develop the App with a different tech stack. React Native will probably face the same approval issues with Apple since only the UI gets transpiled to native code. If you want to stick with a cross-platform approach to build the App from scratch then I would recommend Flutter. It allows you from the same Dart codebase to get a fully native app both for iOS and Android (Dart gets transpiled into native code for both platforms).

Cc @asgarth

Thanks for the insights... I'm passing this along to the developer

Thoughts @roelandp ?                 👆

Wish we could get some new developers up in here for you guys

Then why are you downvoting my posts?

shit, I followed some downvote trails thinking it was helping Hive. Can you tell my why you think you are being downvoted so I can decide whether to stop following them or not?

Not too much detail....just the gist of it. I will probably stop following, I don't want to get into feuds I know nothing about or risk downvoting decent users, which is why I wish @themarkymark would keep a database with links to what behavior led him to blacklist certain people.

@themarkymark from our interactions, you seem like a decent guy, but "why are you downvoting me?" is hard to answer sometimes...

I downvoted two of his posts where he posted a blank template (see below) which was rewarded for over $10 each.

He then threw a fit in mattersmost, and went on for almost a week about the downvotes in a public channel. He refused to accept the fact the posts offered zero value and were just blank templates reposted with more rewards than 90% of the users on Hive. He then taunted me to downvote his recent post a week later, so I did.

lol shit, i don't know what to do. I don't really disagree with your reasoning, but I can see how people get frustrated when they feel their being picked on, or when one persons judgement can crush a post, even a post like that (and like I said, i do understand your reasoning). The real problem is the people upvoting empty templates for $10...

In any case, thanks for the reply. I really hope you get a regularly updated list together....i want to support your project but I think you need a bigger team working on it, people who are forgiving and thorough. It would be nice if we could choose for ourselves to opt out of downvoting certain people on your list who we disagree with your judgement on, not sure how complicated that would be but I'd definitely promote a proposal to develop something like that. An open appeal process and way to vouch for users would be really nice as well. Anyways, just some ideas.

This dude seemed to leave some thorough ideas and suggestions in my comments section directed at Jarvie and Peakd development, in his defense.

And @keys-defender, I do see why people wouldn't want a post that was mostly copy and paste getting $10 reward. I know it feels like it's all in-group out-group sometimes, I know there is bullshit and politics and power games, but I think you'd probably find fewer enemies if you put more substance in your posts rather than just statistics and posted a little less. I doubt Marky would downvote it then, I'm sure you'd find more people to support it too. No hard feelings, undownvoted, not going to unfollow his trail yet cause he said it was just a few times. If it keeps happening I'll see what happens and keep re-assesing if I want to unfollow it but to be honest, I also don't want copy/paste templates receiving $10 upvotes.

You seem like you have something to add to this ecosystem, and I'm sure there is a way you could get the respect you deserve. Most people are pretty reasonable, sometimes you have to suck it up and deal with a little bullshit but if you stay reasonable yourself, you'll come out doing better than you were before.

I assume you are just following my downvotes on a That’s something you can turn off of you want to. I no longer run a blacklist or deal with abuse. I just vote as I see fit and mostly only deal with rewards disagreement now.

Ah, I see. Didn't realize that. Keep fighting the good fight 😝

"two of his posts where he posted a blank template"

Let me think.. who was that used to copy and paste his reports and get them heavily upvoted every 3 days? 🤔
Oh right, it was marky himself.. 👉

It's how the project gets supported. I never asked anyone to upvote.

Getting out a proposal and asking for my normal rates would be too expensive so I prefer working for free than for cheap. I'm also supposed to be already partially funded by GP's proposal but I turned down the funds since he needs them.
In almost a year I did 10 bucks a month (plus some donations to the chary project). So I'm coding for free and the upvotes on the weekly reports don't even cover my expenses. Good way to thank me and appreciate my work...

I periodically add new features (that I haven't blogged about yet), fix bugs and plenty of maintenance work.
The reports usually get voted by 100+ users and the big votes come from high rank witnesses. Marky is the only bully downvoting. His reason: "I like the service, I disagree with the rewards".
So he thinks devs should code for free and pay for their own expenses. Way to send devs away from Hive.

We should defo make witness votes expire.


when did i do that?

not many "super exciting" things were announced, that will hype and everybody will get crazy but we witnessed some solid work and roadmap. There are many things that happen in the background, code and stuff that will help later a lot. It's like we are building a strong base!

there were some exciting projects and games though but i think you get what i mean

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I think once people get their heads around what 3speak is planning things will get very excited around here.

The fact that all these people are still working together without a clear leader gives me so much hope

Yep during this pandemic time period, this is a great thought to resume the annual event!
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No better time to Hive 😉. I'm back

Even the strongest on the platform seem less interested in holding on to power and more interested in the potential of what we can build.

It's hard to sum up in one short phrase, but I do think that does put it rather well. It's a very generous and very talented group that will work like a magnet in attracting more and more people just like them. HIVE is hitting critical mass, no doubt about it (the most important task now is to not drop the ball).

I feel like we have been right at the line between 10xing our user base and falling apart all year, but I think in the next few months we will break on through to the other side!

I will do my best at least

great reading well done putting it together for us. thanks

Thanks for stopping by, always love your posts 😃

Glad you gave details for the ppl not able to make this time. Great going.

Well it is on YouTube, just search hivefest

Thanks for your comprehensive write up of Day 1. That's given me a great overall impressions of what's going on. I watched a bit of it live but it's not a good time of year for me to find extra time for sitting at the computer.

Looking forward to your Day 2 summary. 😊

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Love to see your name pop up! 😃. Just posted part 2

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Good post

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