State of the Games - Splinterlands! Personal Play2Earn report from M3ss

Friends, it's been a while. I started a new job late last year at an exchange and it's been requiring a lot of time and attention. While I've not had the time to write articles as often as I'd like I've still been clicking along, doing all I can to keep my personal Play2Earn engine going. How's that been working out? Let's check it!


Over the past year I've been working hard to focus on what my goals are in Splinterlands and why. I was lucky enough to have an early investment that appreciated really well here that I've been using to fund other games. Rental income seems to be in the pits for the past few months but daily / season rewards still feel very generous to me. Chaos Legion released and somehow I never really pulled the trigger on a major buy. I'm sitting on roughly ~25 packs and most of those I traded off HIVE ENGINE.

Let's look at where I have been focusing.


Not pictured here are 2 additional plots held in game. Friends, I'm focused on LAND and the coming expansion surrounding it. While I have nice little collections of assets like SLDICE, UNTAMED, and DEC the focus of my Splinterlands portfolio is LAND (PLOT), Totems (TOTEMR), and the SPS that we've recently learned will be central to their proper use.

Speaking of SPS ...


I've still not sold any SPS since we last spoke about this. My first goal in Splinterlands was to make good use of the 365 Day SPS Airdrop to build exposure to the project at the best possible time, while funds were being airdropped and the project is exploding. Each day I log into Splinterlands and Stake the SPS I've earned in the past 24 hours to keep to airdrop amount maxed. All and all the price of SPS is very low right now and I don't think that's at all surprising. There are no major use cases for SPS at this time other than staking. When coming updates drop and SPS's full use is rolled out I believe that SPS will become the lifeblood of the Splinterlands ecosystem. It is after all a governance token and, if you truly believe in a project, that's how you gain exposure and agency.

I guess what I'm trying to say is I'm long as hell on Splinterlands, LAND, and SPS.

What cards have I been focusing on? The Gladius set!


You might have noticed I like to focus on assets others. well ... aren't. If you are scratching your head about what these cards even is please don't stress ... no one talks about them. Gladius cards in Splinterlands are awarded in GPacks which you can only buy with merits gained by completing Guild Brawls. These cards are extremely powerful, so much that you can only use ONE each battle.

Seems bad? Not when these cards are so powerful they can turn a battle!


Every single Gladius card has Bloodlust which, on it's own, allows them to snowball out of control. On top of that these cards often has some of the best stats in the game! So why don't you hear about them? Well, they cant be bought or sold (and they are only used in Guild Brawls). That keeps them out of the overall Splinterlands conversation.

So why am I focused on them? I like them a lot! Whistling Damon is one of my favorite cards in all of Splinterlands to play with and I wanna thank you for letting me tell you about them! Thanks for checking in! Look for more of these recap articles on the games I focus on soon!

The games I'm currently focusing on are:
Rising Star
Neon District
Alien Worlds
Lost Relics
Dr. Who Worlds Apart