Token Weekly Update



Though three days late, finally I reached 1,000 HIVE Power (HP)!

1000 HP.png

My HP jumped from 986 two days ago to 999 today for I received 9.963 HP from Splinterlands' post I published a week ago and also an additional HP from another post.


To complete the 1,000, I powered up 1 more HIVE.

However, I was having a problem with powering up hiveblog's wallet using hivesigner. I shifted to the ecency wallet and used my active key. Finally, it worked.

Free HIVE from POSH

DateStarting HIVEEnding HIVEHIVE Growth
24 September033
03 October35.2042.204

My Magic Seven


DateStarting CENTEnding CENTCENT Growth% GrowthCumulative Growth
25 September20,18620,3431570.77%0.77%
03 October20,34320,5401970.96%1.75%


DateStarting SMEEnding SMESME Growth% GrowthCumulative Growth
25 September201,080207,1826,1023.03%3.03%
03 October207,182212,4885,3062.56%5.67%


DateStarting LEOEnding LEOLEO Growth% GrowthCumulative Growth
25 September98198430.30%0.30%
03 October984996121.21%1.52%


DateStarting CTPEnding CTPCTP Growth% GrowthCumulative Growth
25 September10,23210,279470.45%0.45%
03 October10,27910,5332542.47%2.94%


DateStarting LISTNERDSEnding LISTNERDSLISTNERDS Growth% GrowthCumulative Growth
25 September10,94216,6285,68651.96%51.96%
03 October16,62818,2611,6339.82%66.88%


DateStarting SPTEnding SPTSPT Growth% GrowthCumulative Growth
25 September31,24731,339920.29%0.29%
03 October31,33931,6292900.92%1.22%


DateStarting NEOXAGEnding NEOXAGNEOXAG Growth% GrowthCumulative Growth
25 September41,98942,01324N/AN/A
03 October42,01343,7361,7234.10%4.16%

I am done buying CENT and SME. I already achieved my 20,000 CENT power and 200,000 SME power. Any addition to my collection is coming from staked reward.

LEO is the most challenging token for me. Without assistance from the delegation, it will take me a longer period to grow my collection. Not sure how long I can reach that 20,000 LEO power.

As for CTP, 5,400 out of the total tokens are staked on My goal there is to reach 30,000 and another 10,000 on for a total of 40,000.

The current price of LISTNERDS is crazy. Imagine from 2 HIVE per token eight months ago to just 0.008 HIVE today. That's a 99.60 % drop in my computation. If that is not insane, I don't know how to describe it.

Originally, I thought I would stop at 20,000 LISTNERDS. However, witnessing how sellers trashed the token, I changed my goal to 100,000. To grow your holdings is easier now than eight months ago. I will keep buying whenever I have extra SWAP.HIVE in my wallet and as long as the price is below $0.01 USD.

So far, that's the story of my HIVE growth and the top seven Hive Engine tokens in my wallet.

Grace and peace!


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you finally already reach your 20K cent goal? I am still struggling with my 10K cent. heheh