My art drawing to create today is the splinterlands monster " KOBOLD BRUISER ".

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Hi, Everyone.

By the grace of God and God Almighty, all is well.

I am back among you again today. You have supported me, you have encouraged me. So I will get your support again. I did a drawing from a gaming card in @Splinterlands today. Now Splinterlands has come up with more new gaming cards. I splinterlands last week and this week I took participation in the @splinterlands art contest. I have seen splinterlands participate in many art competitions. I am learning better and I have tried to make better art about this. Hopefully you will get support again. It is draw today. splinterlands being gaming KOBOLD BRUISER.



Pencil sketch.


Let's sketch this art drawing first offset paper pencil. Then let's start drawing offset paper. First let's draw the legs, Something else with the feet after drawing the legs There is accessory art they are painted. The next two hands are drawn and after the hand The body is made constructive. Eventually the shape of the head and face is assumed. And the drawing is finished by converting like the original gaming card.

2ND Steps.



Now I have started painting. This time I did not paint the art drawing with colour pencil. Now the splinterlands monster has been painted with watercolours . This beautifully and captivatingly decorates the drawing well.

I am presenting among you. Here one side of the foot is painted.

3RD Steps .


Then the feet were painted on both sides.

4th Steps.


Then the lower part of the body is completely painted.The legs have been beautifully painted with watercolours.

5th Steps.


The next step is to paint the body structure. And the drawing has been painted to match the similarity. About half of the art drawings have been painted. And what is art drawing that has been colorfully arranged step by step.

After step


Then the two hands are painted, and these two hands are decorated with different colours . The places around the hands have been painted. In the next step, the art drawing will be fully implemented as the original gaming card.



Let me finish my art drawing. How beautiful this drawing needed to be I have been beautiful and fascinated in that way. I hope the Original Gaming Card Sorted through watercolours.

Therefore I could not participate in challenging on social media due to some busy schedule. I regularly challenge this on social media I participate, We didn’t participate for two weeks in the middle. I hope I will come back to you again, And the support, support and morale woke me up. Again for participating challenging on this social media etc.

Thanks all of you.


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