My Pencil Sketch of Tyrus Paladium. Splinterlands Summoner.

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Hey Everyone.

How Are You All Doing?

I wish that you all are well by the grace of Allah.

Today I'm back again with my another pencil sketch. My all sketch were of the monsters of splinterlands but this week, it's something else. It's a summoner. In splinterlands I have two three favourite summoners.
They are:-


A rare death summoner.


A rare water summoner.


A rare life summoner.

Today I'm posting the sketch of TYRUS PALADIUM. I'll also post the sketch of them in my next posts. I guess you are gonna love them. I'm posting this sketch to join the weekly curation challenge of share your post in any social media arranged by @splinterlands developer team. Now just lets talk about my sketch.

My Artwork



The TYRUS PALADIUM is a Rare Life Summoner it's ability is that all the friendly monsters will have +1 Shield. And I really like this ability. This really helps the cards to survive longer from melee and ranged attacks.

Tyrus Paladium.png

Details of My Work

Nowadays, I'm helping my father in his shop. So, most of the time I just have to stay in my shop. I couldn't even find time to do my artworks. So yesterday I drew this one while I was sitting in my shop. I didn’t use any of my sketch tools to art this one. Normally I use Steadtler Pencil to draw something. They are really smooth and a perfect tool for pencil sketch. I have all types of pencils there. But in my shop there was only normal pencils. I picked 2B pencil and build the structure then I made the borders bold by using a 4B pencil. To draw the inner side shadows I used both 4B and 6B pencil and to draw the dark parts of the sketch I used 12B pencil. To finish this artwork, it took me almost 45 minutes - 1 hour. Also I couldn’t concentrate enough in it because I also had to manage my shop. I was mainly drawing it while there was no customers (in my free times). Though, I'm glad that I finally completed it and also now I'm sharing my artwork with you all. Sooner, I'll back with a good one INSHALLAH.

Step One


Step Two


Step Three


Step Four


Thanks a lot for reading my post by costing your important time. See you soon with another artwork.

Happy Hiving


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Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Fantastic piece.
You drew my favorite one.
Your description of the work is small but it's nice and I hope you'll be back with a masterpiece soon.
Just remember that we're curating only 2posts/week of a person and we've stopped curating steem post.
And I'm highly suggesting you to add your splinterlands referral link in your future posts or you can use mine, lol 😉

I happy that you liked my artwork.
About the refer link,
I almost forgot about this. But I've added this in my post by editing it and I wont make this mistake next time.
By the way, thanks for your curation @ashikstd.❤

Hi friend. I really liked your drawing. I can appreciate that you have done it with much affection. I already follow you to be very aware of your future creations...

I'm so glad that you liked my work.
If no problem or work comes in my way, I hope today at night or tomorrow I'll be back with another artwork.