If it's a fight you're looking for, its a Silvershield Warrior you need

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EVery Splinterlands battle is determined by a host of factors which include rules, and quality of monsters in battle, but most importantly, it is a battle of wits and you have to make sure everything is "perfect" before the battle and then hope for the best. Such was the case when I went into this uphill battle that featured the Silvershield Warrior doing damage from his preferred position.

The Silvershield warrior is an Alpha/Beta card that you can get for around 30cents, depending on your luck. It is one of those cards that I use when I absolutely have to, rather than regularly, mostly because I favour Sneak ability to reach. In fact, I use monsters with Reach only when Sneak and Snipe are turned off and there are no opportunity monsters.

Rarity: COMMON
Element: LIFE
Price: $0.3 range

For what it's worth, it is actually a pretty good card when combined with the right monsters, and in this battle below, you can get an idea about how effective this lil guy can be in a lineup.

The Battle

Link to battle
This battle is one of my big victories in recent time that meant plenty to me because on the surface of it, it looked like a bad situation for me considering the quality of my opponent's cards but thanks to the position and strategy that I'll discuss below, things went my way.

Battle Rules

The Battle rules were a huge consideration in picking the team, particularly the summoner. The battle involved two rules to circumvent, and they were;

Earthquake: All monsters take -2 hit at the end of each round but monsters with shield ability take -1


Equalizer: Everybody starts with the same health as the monsters on either team with the highest health

The Team

The team picked for this battle was from the Life Splinter. I picked Life Splinter because I felt like the summoner I had in that group was better suited for this particular battle.

The Summoner

I went with this summoner for one particular reason; The fact that it offers a +1 shield boost for all friendly monsters. Earthquake battles are about survival as much as they're about hurting the opponent, so I figured this dude was in the best position to give me longer time in battle, since the shield will be knocked out first, before hurting the monsters health.

It seemed to work out, with all things considered but this battle wasn't all about the summoner, because the Tank at the forefront stole the show. In front of the battle, it was none other than that ugly head in a jar. I'm talking about Lord A.

The Tank

Despite looking like a creep, this dude is something to behold. At full strength, this monster is virtually impervious, and so it stood in front for me. The idea for this card was to capitalise on the fact that it had shield ability, and magic resistance, so it took less damage from every form of attack. The other hope was that it would have monsters that would shoot magic its way and get a reflective surprise, which turned out to be the case.

Lord Arianthus did considerable damage to everyone using Magic ability on my opponent's team, while also holding back the very angry Clay Golem from decimating my Silvershield Warrior using the reach ability. Lord Arianthus lasted longer in battle thanks to influence from my granny healer but before her, the main beneficiary of Lord A's influence was the Silver Shield Warrior.

The Beneficiary

My Warrior and the main event for this week's Share Your Battle had one job and he did it to near perfection. Use your Reach ability to poke the enemy, simple as that. This guy's influence was more profound because the clay Golem had magic resistance, so it needed some physical contact to do some real damage to it.

As the battle wore on, particularly with the fall of Lord Arianthus, the Silver shield warrior, who also had a shield of his own came to the frontline and thanks to its shield, it still had enough health in its locker to fight for longer and even got some health boost from the granny healer as well.

However, since it is a battle where Earthquake rules are in operation, I felt there would be a need for a monster that flies, and no one but the Light Elemental was suited for this purpose.

The Birdie

This Level 2 magic birdie had two main purposes; hit the opponent with magic and stay off the ground. The Clay Golem's magic resistance coupled with the opponent's healer reduced its effect but after the Golem was out of the way, it did premium damage on the enemy and most importantly, didn't take damage.

When it comes to reducing/mitigating damage, healers are important. Okay, they tend to be slow, like this granny but they are effective, and you can see that in the way Granny healer performed.

The Healer

Despite being slow and offering little in terms of attacking force, this divine healer played a pivotal role in keeping me in battle. It was critical in preserving Lord Arianthus time in the frontline, thus enabling me to inflict proper damage on the opponent through his reflector. It also kept the Silvershield warrior in the frontline.

I positioned her somewhere in the middle because her healing ability was critical to the execution of my plan. This card is useless in the frontline and can be susceptible to sneak monsters. Fortunately for me, my healer lasted longer in battle but I couldn't say the same for my opponent's healer who got hit hard by Lord A's reflector and of course the Feral Spirit.

The Sneaky Monster

This sneaky kitty had one job and executed it to perfection. Its job was to do some rearguard damage and guess who was at the opponent's rearguard? Yup, it was a divine healer. My opponent did the one thing I wanted to avoid by keeping the healer at the back, thus making it susceptible to this sneaky cat's hits.

In my time playing this game, I have learnt that you have to be willing to receive as damage as you give. This was the key consideration for picking my rear tank. Normally, I'd have liked to pick Cornelleus because it has Thorns but since Mana Cap for the battle didn't permit, I settled for something different.

The Rear Tank

This one was a split decision between her and the feral Spirit for the rear guard. You have to bear in mind that this was a battle with equalizer in play, so she had like 10 health. You can watch the video above to get a feel of how she performed in battle.

The idea behind picking her over the feral spirit as the rear tank was simple; she can take more hits thanks to her divine shield ability that annuls the first damage she takes. I favoured this ability above the feral spirit's higher chances of dodging because I also wanted the feral Spirit around for a bit longer than her.

She turned out to work well with the plan and lasted for as long as the opponent's feral spirit attacks. She was basically the sacrificial piece in the puzzle that made everything work well.

In Summary

At the end of the day, the strategy was successful. All the parts of the puzzle worked together to achieve the victory in pretty much the way I envisioned it would. It is always about small margins and sometimes just positioning of your monsters make a world of difference in battle.

If there's something I could change in this battle, it would have been a way to equalise the speed. My opponent had a higher level Divine Healer which slows down mine and made me late to drop my attacks, as well as miss some hits.

Get In The Game

If you enjoyed this battle and would like to join the game, you can join with my affiliate link below and we'd both stand the chance of getting a gold foiled legendary monster that could be worth like $100



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