Splinterlands weekly battle challenge: The enraging dwarf from the molten mountain

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Big thanks to the splinterlands founder for creating such a great game and their tremendous work for the growth of the game, kudos to the curators too for being so dedicated to their work and not missing out on players post, it takes a lot of dedication for that to be possible...

This week challenge is about one of my favorite card but i hardly use it because it is more of a risk using it in battle cos of its one life and i didn't want to give up on the challenge so i made sure i win a battle with it today so i can make the post, now let us get to know the monster..


it was known that:

The aptly named Exploding Dwarves are newcomers to the Splinterlands. No one knows from whence they came; the Dwarves simply emerged from the Molten Mountain caverns a decade ago, quickly reproducing and settling across the Burning Lands. It is best to keep distance from them (especially when they are exploding).

Even tho it has just one life, it is a badass card that can take down the whole opponent team in a jiffy if he got the opportunity as he knows how to use it well with its fantastic abilities which comprises of the blast, piercing, retaliate and trample... This four abilities makes it deadly!

I got paired with bji1203 in a melee mayham and fog of war battle, well bji1203 do read mind and kinda knowing me he knows i can either come with yodin zaku or mylor but i surprised him and opt for plado emberstorm and determined to make my dwarf finish the job i used it in the last position knowing it is safer there and i also use a monster with protect ability to protect him from monsters with opportunity and retaliate ability....


battle link

Judging with the opponent set up, he intend finishing the job with his kraken and also has ruler of the sea as terminator for the job kraken left unfinished ...

Line up


Since i was not sure what the enemy is coming with, i had to use lord at the front position as it can protect me from magic and melee for a long time, and also withstand lotta range damage before dying but good i used it cos the opponent used a magic monster that suffer great damage from my lord so i will give honour to the lord because if the magic actually survived then my other monsters are at risk of dying fast because they are highly vulnerable to magic attacks...


The serpentine is a great card that can be a nightmare to other melee and range attackers due to its speed and dodge abilities so i placed it in second position incase if the opponent came all melee then after taking down the lord, he will have to face this beast and it did great in the battle too as it didn't record any miss while attacking...


I love this ant miner for a reason and that is for its scavenger ability and shield, it keeps getting more lifes as other monsters die and hence by the time it get to the front it has already accumulate lot of lifes that make him stay longer on the battle field and also gives my monsters at the back chance to fight longer....


The flame monkey helps to increase the speed of other monsters in my team and also its repair ability will help the serpentine and ant miner a lot in the battle if the opponent use melee and range, it did well in the battle before losing its life to the retaliation of the opponent kraken...


i needed this monster mainly becausse of the exploding dwarf, i need its protect ability to give my monsters more chance of attack as i don't really know what the opponent is going to use but better at alert than to lose guard and it worked perfectly well, the protect ability saved the match...


The monster of the match itself, his first attack weaken the opponent kraken a great deal and by the time it launch its second attack it took the kraken to just one life and the ant miner terminate the biggest threat used by the enemy and hence make him vulnerable to my other attackers...

My strategy work perfectly well and exploding dwarf is no doubt one of the best card out there when it comes to all melee can attack rules to its speed and high melee power along with its blast and trample ability..


if you want to be a part of this week steemmonsters challenge, you can join from here

All pictures are gotten from splinterlands lore and gif credit goes to splinterlands.

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Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Hey Burl... it's good to see your battle again.
I'm beginning to think that you like to show the theme monster with the max level.
Well done.

oh that is because i play max levelled account mostly, thanks man!