Pirate Archer the small but mighty creature

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It is another day to join the splinterlands battle challenge and for this week we have the small but mighty Pirate Archer.

Pirate Archer


Edition: REWARD
Rarity: RARE
Element: WATER
ABILITIES: Blast at level 1

Mana Cap 28

Reverse speed: Monsters with the lowest speed attack first and have a high chance of evading attacks.
Lost Magic: Monsters with magic attacks may not be used in the battle.

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Available Splinter : Fire, Water, Life, and Dragon

Team Assemble

Selenia Sky
Dragoness Selenia Sky gives all friendly ranged monsters an additional +1 range attack. She was the best option for me in a battle with slow speed and no magic.

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Lord A

Lord Arianthus still remains one of the most undefeated tank in splinterlands with its thorn ability that causes damage back to its melee attacker, his reflective power that sends back magic to its magic attacker and his void ability that makes him immune to damage from magic, range and melee attackers. He protected my team and gave my monsters enough time to cause damage to my opponents front and back line.

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Gelatinous Cube
With its icy armor and the ability to heal after each round, The cube like we normally call it gains additional health when a monster from the battle dies. With this scavenger ability, he sometimes has the ability to be the last monster standing in a battle and a force that receives all blows with no damage whatsoever. He protected my front line after the demise of my tank and remained unshakable.

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Crustacean King

This monsters helps heal the health of the monster in the first position after each round. Not only does it heal, it also uses its range ability on monsters and at the same time gives all monsters on the team +2 protective armor

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Pirate Archer

This is one of the best ranged monster in water, with its blast ability that makes it do additional damage to the monster adjacent to the target monster. It helped me in killing the enemy's tank at alternate times.

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Naga Windmaster

With the power bestowed on them to be able to harness the powers of the wind and air, Naga's strong ability have the power to stop a dragon in flight or any monster with flying ability. With its power of reducing enemy's range attack, the ability he has to shatter the enemy's armor and also its powerful poison that cuts and poison's enemy's monster while unaware. He made sure he put all my opponents range monster to shame.

gif sp.gif

Water Elemental

This monster have the healing ability which happens at the end of each round, it also has an increased chance of evading both melee and ranged ability. With this battle, I can see him flexing his range ability on the opponents monster. They stood no chance with this water creature.

With the above selection, it gave me a cool winning against my opponent. I am glad the battle had a high mana.

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Nice battle. Thanks for sharing. 😉

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Thanks for sharing! - @rehan12

nicely done ifeoluwa. The opponent did not even had the chance to retaliate lol.