"Splinterlands Art Contest Week 109" - Hand drawing of "Pit Ogre"

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Hi there Lovely and creative people of Hive World,
Hope you all are fine and having awesome day

This time I draw "Pit Ogre" of @splinterlands Game for Monster Art Contest by @splinterlands.
Anyone can join this weekly art contest, Visit the original contest post Here

I am new on the gameplay, trying to learn all the strategies hehe.
Pit Ogre stunned the enemy monster when hit and there is a chance to skip that character's turn...

Now back to my Drawing

My Entry for 109th Week


Real Image on Market

Image Source


Steps :

I hand drawn a monster with Pencil and then darken it with Pen.
And put pen outlines image to Photoshop and coloured the character there. You can check step-wise images below...
Start with face :)


Draw a big chain on his neck

Draw arms

Complete pencil drawing of PIT OGRE

Darken it using black pointer

Put my Signature on it :)

Rub the pencil from my drawing

After that I took this to Adobe Photoshop 7.0 and coloured the drawing. And you can see the first image of the post as my Final Piece.

Hope You like it,
Thanks for the Visit


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Great. You have quite a skill.

Thank You :)

Waooo, you did it great!!!

Thanks for appreciation :)

Nice work man. Looks really cool.

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Thanks for curating and appreciation :)